PL Group Resources

August 24th @KIPP Central City
8:30-8:45: Welcome and Whip Around
8:45-9:00: PLCP Updates and School Updates
Working on: PL101 for new people, Teacher Fellowship, Leader Dinners
9:00-9:30: Observe
9:30-9:45: Debrief
9:45-10:15: Consultancy
0-2 minutes: One person presents on problem they are having. Describe it all in detail. 
2-4 minutes: Clarifying Questions- other ask the presenter ONLY QUESTIONS. NO SOLUTIONS YET!
4-9 minutes: Together brainstorm potential solutions
9-10 minutes: Wrap up: Presenter-what is your key takeaway? Do you have a potential solution?
10:15-10:30: Close Out/Hang Out

*Get staff to EdTech Meetup Tomorrow - 6:00-7:30 at DatDog!
*Next PLCP is Wednesday, September 28th at Schaumburg!

May 5th @ Einstein!
8:30-8:50: Welcome and focus areas!
8:50-9:30: Observations
9:30-9:45: Debrief
9:45-10:30: Summer Planning to Address Our Challenge Trends

April 13th @ Edna Karr
8:30-8:40: Welcome and focus areas
8:45-9:30: Observations
9:30-9:50: Debrief
9:50-10:20: Returning to the Framework: 
    September 16th's answers
    Current Updates
10:20-10:30: Wrap up- Next PLCP and Summer

February 25th @KIPP McDonogh 15:
8:30-9:00: Welcome and focus areas
9:00-9:45: Observations
9:45-10:30: Debrief

January @Dolores T. Aaron
8:30-8:50: Welcome and focus areas!
8:50-9:45: Observations
9:45-10:30: Debrief

December 9th @Sci High!
8:30-8:40: Welcome!
8:40-9:10: Observations
9:10-9:20: Debrief
9:20-9:50: Biggest Wins Showcase
9:50-10:20: Consultancy
10:20-10:30: End of Semester Survey

November 11th @Morris Jeff:
8:30-9:10: Observe and debrief!
9:10-9:20: Debrief
9:20-9:35: Where are we with PL? (Biggest Wins and Biggest struggles)
9:35-9:55: Biggest Wins Showcase
Nate- Station-Rotation: 
Video: math / literacy; splashpages; playlists (8th ELA - Google Sites; 4th SS - Google Classroom)
Hilah- Differentiated learning block:
Present Yours!
9:55-10:25: Biggest needs consultancy
10:25-10:30: Wrap up!

October 22nd @Akili Academy!
8:30-9:00: Tours!
9:00-9:45: Consultancies
9:45-10:15: Learner Profiles
10:15-10:30: Optional Tour

September 16th, Wednesday @Sci Academy!
8:30-8:35: Check in
8:35-9:05: Observations
9:10-9:20: Welcome Back! (Debrief Observations)
9:20-9:30: Update School Models if you didn't and update on School Status Check-in
9:30-9:45: Whip around and status
9:45-10:10: What are we struggling with? Use asterisks to select 3 topics you would like to spend our time discussion. We will 
Start with the most votes and move our way down, potentially solving all issues. 
10:15-10:30: Wrap up:
-Learner Profile Grant/Help Coming: What would help the most?
-Last Year's Resources:  
3. Pick 6
-Future Semester PLCP dates:
Wednesday, October 7th: Observe @ TBD  then Grant Workshop
Thursday, November 6th: PLCP @ TBD
Thursday, December 3rd: Observe @TBD then Workshop

May 12th: @Langston Hughes!

8:15-8:35: Do now- Learner Profile Review- Review each other's progress. What questions do you have? What ideas?
8:35-9:00: Flexible Learning Environments: (PL Working Definition)
9:00-9:30: Observation time!
9:30-9:45: Debrief!
9:45-10:05: School PD Planning- "What job are we trying to accomplish with blended learning?" - Thanks, Phil Rollins!
What is your school model?
What are you trying to accomplish? (in as few words as possible).
PD Planning Homework
10:05-10:15: When is your PD?, Pick Early June Date,  Observations?, Key take aways, and survey!

April 8th Meeting:@ SciTech

             Finding Internal Experts and School Models!
            Goals for today: Start beginnings of your learner profile, observe, and get on 2Rev!-
          Whip Around:
   1) Thing you are most excited about at school 
  2) Biggest Pain Point 
  3) Best/Worst Screen Name/Email

    8:40-9:00: Building Profiles (Teams- Elementary, Middle, High School)
    9:00-9:10: Homework Project

    9:10-9:30: 2Rev Platformusername = work email/ password = nglc, Post something under the discussions!
    9:30-9:50: Observation with Template
    9:50-10:00: Debrief
    10:00-10:15: Wrap up and Exit Survey

March 4th Meeting: @KIPP Central City

8:25-8:35: Welcome and Purpose! (Presentation here)
8:35-8:45: PL mingler
8:45-9:05: Share your school information! 
9:05-9:15: Finding our internal "experts"- See results here and here!
9:45-10:00:  Debrief and Discuss
10:00-10:15: Wrap up and Final Survey!

Pick 6 Diagram