We planned to go to the beach. The blizzard didn't stop us :)

Beach Balls + Rain + 4E = best finals week study break ever :) 

Crazy hats! 

Sometimes we play practical jokes.
"Make no Felipe about it. Our MIT burgers are made using natural MIT students" 

We are so creative.
 Wall art made from Arizona cans.

The 4E holiday basket complete with peppermint bark an cards for the awesome Next House dinning hall staff. 

4E class of 2015 at Ring Delivery!  


Honestly, with residents this awesome, how could you not love 4E? 

Special room decorations for finals :) 

Some of us have weird talents. 

Tea Party! Who said you can't fit 22 people in a double? 

Studying for finals...No we have better things to do. 4E playing an epic game of Resistance. 

4E birthday outing 

4E outing to The Hobbit premiere.  

Halloween 4E Style 

We make some incredible birthday cakes.