Nexgrill Replacement Gas BBQ Grill Parts

Although I do not always understand the direct relationship between all the shell corporations and "Doing Business As..." model branding, as a gas barbeque grill service technician I have earned a deep knowledge of barbecue grills by Nexgrill that are not Nexgrill models.  Many of the Charbroil, JennAir, Charmglow, Members Mark and other brands of BBQ grill we service, clean and repair are imported through NexGrill and Grand Hall BBQ Grills.

Often consumers have a difficult time finding replacement parts to repair their gas barbecues because they are not accustomed to the process of big retail outlets farming out the manufacturing of their brand name products.  Suffice to say that if you can buy paper plates and garbage bags that have the same brand name as the BBQ grill you are buying, that factory is not producing gas grills -- and probably not producing paper plates or garbage bags either.

NexGrill & Grand Hall and companies that allow other companies to bring in products that have their own branding.  A few popular examples are BBQ Galore's Turbo barbecues, Kirkland at Costco/Sam's Club staore and JennAir from Lowes whaich are all imported from the orient by NexGrill and privately labeled to match the retail outlet which will be selling them.

These are generally barbeque grills using inexpensive grill parts and updated features.  Nexgrill products will often include a barbeque area, side burner, sear zone pull-out tank storage, smoker and refrigeration for less than $500.00 -- which is impossible!  Because of the lower price point the barbeque is not made to survive a lot of outdoor use especially here in South Florida. supplies technical service, deep cleaning and gas BBQ grill replacement parts for these models of barbeque.  However, because we do not often purchase the replacement parts from NexGrill our replacement grill parts are usually far superior in quality than the original barbecue grill parts.
So what ends up happening is a homeowner purchases a gas barbeque grill with a recognizable name (like "JennAir") and they think they have a product manufactured by the same company that makes other products with that branding.  When the barbecue grill starts to rust and grill parts begin to break apart, they think it is a fluke.  When no one answers the e-mails and telephone calls included in the users manuals they contact me.  They are often confused because they have been unable to locate replacement bbq grill parts for their purchase. services all brand, make and models of barbeque grill and most of our barbeque grill replacement parts do not come from the importer.