Next Generation Sequencing Consortium Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Details are now available regarding the

Information is still available regarding the
First Workshop.

The starting Initiative
Based on an initial meeting on Sep 27, 2013, the "NGS Consortium MV" was created..

The consortium has the aims to:

* Conduct regular meetings, starting with a one-day workshop at the FBN Dummerstorf in early 2014
* Establish an outreach platform (this Website)
* Provide an internal information exchange platform listing available resources and requirements.

Next Generation Sequencing

Since the introduction of “Next Generation Sequencing” (NGS) platforms, the sequencing of complete genomes as well as transcriptomes is cost efficiently possible in considerably short time spans. Thereby, NGS offers the possibility to characterise several genomes/transcriptomes at the same time allowing accurately identifying gain and loss of chromosomal regions, sequence mutations as well as transcriptional differences. 

Due to the enormous potential of NGS, several technologies and methodical approaches have been introduced accompanied by a rapid parallel development of analytical software based on alternative algorithms. This process led to a current situation in which research groups are facing the challenge of low NGS data comparability due to the different methodical approaches and analytical strategies. The aims of the herein acting groups is to exchange and discuss individual NGS experiences as well as methodical knowledge across MV and thus to constitute a joint expert council.