On January 15th 1888 the body of a female infant was found on the beach at the head of Evans Bay. She was 10 or 11 days old, and enclosed in an old petticoat and a piece of linen shirt. Marks on the child's neck resembled marks that might have been made by a thumb and finger, indicting that she may have been the victim of a violent death. Detectives quickly ascertained that the girl was the baby of Hutt gang member Fong Chong and his wife, Clara Chong, who were both arrested for her murder.

Although at first claiming that the child wasn't theirs, Clara Chong soon changed her story, claiming that the child was born dead. Despite testimony from neighbours who claimed to hear an infant crying in the house, both Fong Chong and Clara Chong acquitted of murder in a court of law. Instead each were sentenced to two years hard labour for a lesser charge of concealing the birth. According to court news reports of the time, however, some debated whether or not there was even enough evidence to even convict Fong Chong of this lesser charge. Nonetheless, the charge of concealment of a birth against Chong was indeed held up. 

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