The New Zealand Police Museum began life as memorandum in 1908. The author of this memorandum, Commissioner of Police Walter Dinnie, requested that items used in 'important crimes' be forwarded to Police National Headquarters to be used as examples of their kind. Modelled on Scotland Yard's 'Black Museum', the first New Zealand Police Museum was only open to Police & their associates and mainly collected criminal memorabilia such as death masks, weapons and evidence from crimes.  The Museum was originally located next to the photographic dark room at the Police Headquarters in Wellington, so it could be used as a specialist training aid for advanced scientific techniques.

In 1981, the Museum was moved to the new Police College in Porirua, and its first official curator was appointed. It was moved to its current location at the Royal New Zealand Police College in 1996, where it was finally opened to the general public. Most recently, the Museum closed it doors from December 2008 through August 2009 for a re-development. On 1 September 2009 the New Zealand Police Museum re-opened to the public with new exhibitions and interactive displays which tell the real life stories of policing in Aotearoa.

The Museum aims to have visitor leave with an understanding of who the New Zealand Police are and why they choose to serve their communities. The New Zealand Police's vision of 'Safer Communities Together' is reflected in the redeveloped displays by showing police work through a fresh lens. Visitors can learn about the role of the Police in the community, as well as the Police partner agencies, community groups and volunteers who play a major role in working with Police to keep New Zealand communities safe. Furthermore, exhibitions and programmes take visitors 'up close and personal' with policing methods of the past, present, and future, and some of the most outstanding events in New Zealand's social and political history are revisited and examined from a Police perspective.

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Old New Zealand Police Museum at Trentham Training College, ca. 1956

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