New Zealand Arrow Squid


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Aqua Star, in Seattle, WA, is hosting a fishery improvement project for New Zealand Arrow Squid.

Seafood Product: New Zealand Arrow Squid (
Nototodarus sloanii)

Fishing Method: Arrow squid is mainly caught by midwater trawling. For more information also go to How the Fishery Works.


New Zealand Arrow Squid or Wellington flying squid is harvested from the New Zealand mainland, Chatham Rise, and the rest of the Sub-Antarctic trawl fisheries as well as the Auckland and Campbell Islands islands trawl fisheries, SQU 1T and SQU 6T.

Purpose of the Project:  Launched April 2014, the project will improve the fishery to meet or exceed the Marine Stewardship Council standard. 

This project is striving to meet or exceed the credibility criteria of the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions (

Activity: The project was launched in April 2014 and the first activity is to complete a preliminary assessment of the fishery against the Marine Stewardship Council standard. This will be done by the end of April and at that time decisions will be made by project participants about the fishery improvements to tackle first. 
A work plan for the project can be found on this site and updated on a regular basis as progress is made.  See the Project Work Plan page.


Public Commitment & Participants: 
Aqua Star of Seattle, WA, is the fiscal host of the project.  Aquastar made a commitment to host a fishery improvement project for New Zealand Arrow Squid in April 2014.

FIP Contact:

Background:  Why a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP)?

Today's seafood market values sustainability.  Many seafood retailers have made a commitment to procure only sustainable seafood.  Often, that means they have a policy that specifies that products must be certified sustainable so that the claim is independent and credible.  For wild-caught seafood the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard is the target.  For products not-yet-certified seafood buyers may encourage suppliers to take a stepwise approach with a fishery improvement project.

Seafood Ratings:  Current Status for New Zealand Arrow Squid on Seafood Sustainability

Fish Source:  Scores 10 for  fisher compliance and 10 for managers follow scientific advice, for the Northwestern and Auckland islands stocks.

Seafood Watch:  No rating for Nototodarus sloanii Arrow squid, Wellington flying squid

Blue Ocean Institute:  No rating for Nototodarus sloanii.