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Networking Opportunities

Extend your private and professional network to enhance your and others careers. New York City provides a unique platform to meet people. Come and join the community at one of the postdoctoral social hours (see calender), at a Harvey lecture, at a NY Women in STEM activity, or at an event of the New York Academy of Sciences.
Find people with similar interests (Hobby, Language etc.) at Meet Up groups.

Stay in touch by using internet tools such as
  • LinkedIn (professional networking tool) (Join sub-groups such as "Stem Cell Research", "Science Alliance", "PhD careers outside of Academia", "Biotechnology")              
    Read about "6 ways LinkedIn can work for you".         
                                                                             Join the "New York Postdocs" group at LinkedIn.
Check out following NYC science cafes:
In addition, there are also science-related social networking groups:
Meet people from your home country: