Androctonus Bicolor

Androctonus Bicolor

Black Fat-Tail




Androctonus Bicolor is one of the most venomous scorpions in the world. Therefore is not recommended for beginners or intermediate keepers, they are only for the most advanced. This scorpion is all black and has a stocky build. They only reach about 10cm fully grown, and there lifespan is generally 5 years. This species can be very aggressive and fast therefore much care has to be taken whenever you enter there enclosure.

Distribution: East Africa and The Middle East

Housing Requirements: As with all scorpions i recommend 2.5 gallons per adult and  large deli container with the juveniles.

Substrate use dry peat, sand or sand peat mixture. also add in a few rocks or pieces of wood as this species likes to make scrapes.

Temperature: Temps should range between 85f-95f this will ensure growth and maturity of juvenile scorplings.

Humidity: Substrate must be completely dry and humidity below 50%. Although gravid females will need a little more moisture so a light misting per month will be sufficient for drinking. No drinking dishes they will raise humidity.

Feeding Habit and Diet: This species will eat all tyes of insects and other inverts but, crickets and roaches are easier and cheaper to use. I feed adults one adult Lobster Roach or 2-3 crickets per week. Juveniles are fed in proportion with body size about half the size of the scorpion 2-3 times per week.