New York Interns Association 

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  (From Left to Right): Victor L., Victor, Mercedes, Susana, Marc, Oriol, Diego @ Lily's Bar



The New York Interns Association is a network designed for all the interns living in the New York area to meet and share their experiences as well as to open new contacts for future career goals. 




The New York Intern Association was started in 2006 with the objective of creating a network where interns from all over the New York area can meet and share their experiences as well as to open new contacts for future work references.  As an intern, we are exposed to real life situations for the purpose of educating us for the professional world. Our devotion is to facilitate current and future interns to interact among each others and to exposed themselves to new opportunities in their career industry. Anybody that is interested in becoming or are current interns are welcome to join.  Feel free to contact us via e-mail at or call us, 212-755-1400 EXT#307 (Diego Ng) or EXT#301 (Victor Lahoz) For current events, visit our blog!




Thank you all for attending our first event at the Lily's bar.  We appreciate your support and hope to  see more of you guys in the near future.  To see photos of the event visit our interns space! Also, We would like to welcome the interns from Castle on the Hudson for joining us!


Our next meet will be at the Copacabana on 34th St. and 11th Avenue on Saturday July 8th.  For more information send us an e-mail and we shall answer as soon as possible.