Logan and Agapito Gonzalez - 2010.08
Pekiti Tirsia is a close quarters weapons system from Negros Occidental, in the Visayan region of the Philippines. Close quarters training is stressed over long range, or medium. Its main weapon categories are the single stick (solo baston), double sticks (doble baston), single knife (mano y daga), double knives (daga y daga), stick and knife (espada y daga), and empty hands (pangamut, dumog, sikaran). Colateral categories are the spear (sibat), the staff (bangkaw), the stave or walking stick, the palm stick, projectiles, and flexible weapons.
Logan and Agapito Gonzalez - 2010.08Pekiti Tirsia is a transferable system because, beside training one how to handle its weapons, it contains ubiquitous principles and martial concepts. The mechanics employed in the solo baston category can be used with a sword, a medium length blade, an axe. Doble baston can be two long swords, a shield and blade, a scabbard and its sword. Adjustments are made to accommodate the distinctive properties, and, or shortcomings of the weapon utilized.
Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje is the recognized head of Pekiti Tirsia Kali. He taught the instructors of Agapito Gonzalez, Tom Bisio and Bill McGrath - to name a few - in the early 70s. Under his leadership it is evolving and expanding throughout the world. 
Agapito Gonzalez demostrating a move in Europe