Run To Remember 11K
Nov 11 2019

Turkey Tea 10K
Oct 13, 2019
Courtesy of Greg Greening Photography

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Frosty 5K Fun Run
Feb 17, 2019

Frosty 5K Fun Run
Feb 18, 2018

Turkey Tea 10K
Oct 8, 2017
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Keith Day President of New World Running Club is the recipient of the 2016 Ian Ash Memorial Award

More Pictures for Run To Remember 11K Race.
Thanks to Jim Costello who is very generous in sharing the excellent photos.

Run To Remember 2016

Carved By The Sea Bay Roberts 10K

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Frosty Fun Run 5K Feb 14, 2016

Boxing_Day_Fun_Run_December 26, 2015

Run To Remember 11K November 11, 2015

Turkey Tea 10K October 11, 2015

Carved by the sea July 19, 2015

Boxing Day Fun Run, Dec 26, 2014

Run To Remember 11k, Nov 11, 2014

Turkey Tea Timex 10K, Oct 12, 2014

Carved By The Sea 10k, Jul 20, 2014

Run To Remember 11k, Nov 11, 2013


Turkey 10K October 13, 2013


Carved By The sea jun 9, 2013


Spring into Spring April 7, 2013


Run To Remember, November 11, 2012


Turkey Tea Timex 10K October 7, 2012


Run To Remember November 11, 2011

          More Turkey Tea 10K ALBUM, compliments of Zach Wheeler.

Turkey Tea Timex 10K Oct 9, 2011


St. Paddy's Fun Run, Mar 13, 2011


Boxing Day Run 2K/4K


Remembrance 11K Run


Turkey Tea 10K Race


Turkey Tea 10K Race ‎(Courtesy of Jim Costello)‎


St. Paddy's Day Fun Run Mar 14, 2010


Valentine's Day Fun Run Feb 14, 2010


Boxing Day Fun Run Dec 26, 2009


Not So Hilly Half Marathon May 29, 2009


Snow Shoeing