New World Pilgrimage
Updated Jun 26, 2012, 8:38 PM
New World Pilgrimage is about a New System of World Government. Creating a New World through World Pilgrimage, Elimination of all National Borders around the World, No Possessions, No Money, No Property, Mass Migrations of People, Earned Citizenship to the New World.
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New World Pilgrimage

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New World Pilgrimage

New World Pilgrimage is a non-violent revolution leading towards a border less world where a goal rules. The goal is to walk around the surface of the planet earth on foot at least once in your lifetime. Below are the basic principles upon which this new nomadic world is based.


1. Walking the surface of the planet
2. Helping others to do the same
3. Earning citizenship to the new nomadic world


1. No possessions
2. No property
3. No money
4. No national borders

5. No competition

Earning Citizenship to the world is the new currency. Finishing each stage of citizenship allows you to move towards the next.

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New World Pilgrimage


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