New World Fuel Chasers


            The spaceship rumbled like a thunderstorm back on the home planet of Sinavaclo. The crew of the starship Sradier was traveling through an unknown solar system on a mission to map and document the unknown. It was now the year H802, and the past three years had been filled with exciting discoveries of alien planets and lifeforms. The ship and crew were in top form. But no one was prepared for what happened next.

            Nick Sullivan, walking down a hallway , was playing his hand held video game. The eleven year old had brown hair that stuck up like a Kuka hog back on his home planet of Sinavaclo. The inhabitants of that planet were long-ago space travelers from Earth. Sinavaclo was now home to everyone on the Sradier. And home was very far away.

            “High score…high score.” He muttered.  Catherine Rider was beside him looking over his shoulder with a bored expression on her long face. She was Nick's friend, and the only other kid on the ship. She folded her skinny arms. Catherine hated video games and she found them immature. Catherine was twelve, but she felt like fifty-six next to Nick. If they had been looking out the huge window along the wall, they might have been able to scream before the meteor hit. 

            KshaBOOM! Nick flew into the wall and hit his head so hard it felt like a supernova.

            Catherine yelled when she was tossed to the floor. “Ooomf! Ouch, what was that?” She looked through the window and saw flames.

            “Fire!” she screamed.

            “OMG!” yelled Nick “this is just like my game!”

            “Well, if this was your game, you were a bad pilot!"

            "If I was piloting this ship, I wouldn't have messed up!"

            They were tossed to the other side of the hallway, slamming into the wall.

          "If you mean that whatever is happening on this ship is my mom and dad's fault then-" Catherine crossed her arms, then quickly put them back on the wall to keep herself upright, as the ship was wouldn't stop shaking. They looked at each other in alarm, the argument forgotten.A huge shudder went through the ship, throwing the children onto the floor again.  Nick landed on the broken pieces of his game.

             “My game!” He tried to gather them up. “At least I have two more consoles.” 

            “Let’s find out what’s going on.” said Catherine rolling her eyes. But before they could go anywhere the Sradier rolled and tossed the two kids about in an explosion. Nick bumped his head, Catherine fell painfully on her knees. They crawled on the floor towards each other.

            “Something must have hit the engine.” Nick yelled. The kids stumbled down the hallway and opened a door, heading to the Main Deck to find out what was going on. They made it inside the Main Deck, the door automatically closing behind them, just as the alarms sounded. The Sradier started to dive. Nick and Catherine hit the floor and held on to a bolted down table, screaming.

            "Deploy the parachutes!" Captain Angelina bellowed. She was strapped into her chair, along with the rest of the crew. They were all facing the huge window, watching a planet get closer and closer.

            "The planet is unknown, Captain. And I can't get any readings. The meteor wiped out my sensors!" Ka-bash, sitting to the right of the Captain yelled back.

            "We have no choice!"

            The Main Deck was for the crew, each with their own chairs and consoles to do their jobs from navigator to pilot to communications.  The Captain turned to look at who was distracting her with screams. Her eyes widened.

            "Catherine! Nick! Why are you-? Just hold on tight!"

            The pilots, Karen and John Rider, deployed a giant parachute and got prepared for a bumpy landing. The ship crashed through the planet’s atmosphere, headed for a green spot on the planet. Within seconds they hit, the Karen expertly keeping the ship's nose up. They bounced and skidded across a type of field, sending shrubs and dirt all over. But the ship was in one piece.

            The entire crew of the Sradier found their way to the Command Center. It was a small ship and every person on board had an important job- well, except for Nick and Catherine. They were children of the crew. Several members of the crew were taken to the Sick Bay. The rest gathered around the big, round table to discuss what happened and what to do next. The Captain explained that a meteor hit the ship, leaking all their fuel. The emergency landing also required some repairs. Now they needed to find a power source quick or they would be stuck on this unknown planet, unable to even communicate where they were. There was one working generator supplying everything for the ship at the moment. But it wouldn't last too long.

            “Captain, I’ve just found a fuel source on the planet!” Norine, the navigator announced. She was looking at the only working scanner.

            “Splendid! Tomorrow we will start digging.” Captain Angelina said in a reassuring tone.

            Nick's dad, Joe, the head engineer, walked in.

            “Nick! Are you all right?”

            “My game is broken!”

            “Our ship is more important now, Nick.” Joe, shaking his head, walked to the Captain to talk about repairs. Catherine shoved Nick.

            "We just landed on an unknown planet! Why would you want to play a game?"

            "I was just mentioning it..."


            That night Catherine snuck into Nick's room and dragged him out of bed.

           “High score…” he mumbled, then woke up fully.

            "Huh? Where are we going?"

            “Let’s explore the new planet.” 

            “Won’t the crew notice? Our parents?”

            “Everybody is still busy working on repairing the ship. No one is paying attention to us at all. Let’s go!”