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Hen Fight 2013
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4/13/2018 - The Wood Duck Cam is operational again for the 2018 nesting season.

The cameras are down for the season now.  Please check back next spring. 

In 2016, 7 chicks were hatched, 3 of them were hooded merganser chicks.  Hooded mergansers are known to lay eggs in other merganser nests, but it is uncommon for them to parasitize wood duck nests.  It was interesting to see all of the eggs hatch at roughly the same time.  The wood duck hen treated all of the chicks like her own.  This year's hen was the same leg banded hen that used the nest box in 2015.

4/13/2016  - We now have two wood duck cams in operation.  There are already 3 eggs in Nest Box 1 (NB1).

The camera is down for the winter.  Check back next spring. 

5/30/2015 - The ducklings left the nest. 10 of the 12 eggs hatched successfully.

4/30/2015 - Full time incubation has begun.  Hatch should occur sometime during the week of May 24th - 30th.  There are at least 6 eggs, and maybe more.

3/24/2015 - We are live for the 2015 nesting season.

3/27/2015 - The first visit by a prospective hen.

    Many subsequent visits by hens, sometimes 2 at a time.
    Many visits by a pair of chickadees as well.

4/18/2015 - First egg is laid by a leg banded hen. 

June 24, 2014 - SUCCESS!
5 of the 10 eggs hatched, and the chicks followed the hen from the nest.

The camera will be in place again in early spring of 2015.

3/17/2014- Wood duck nest cam is now live for this year's nesting season.

4/22/2014- The first wood duck hen inspected the potential nest site at around 8 a.m.

4/26/2014- Second visit to the nest box by a wood duck hen.

5/14/2014- There has been a hen visiting the box everyday since May 4th.  She usually only stayed about 5 minutes per visit.  However, on May 11th she stayed for 20 minutes, but showed no signs of laying an egg.  On the 12th and 13th she repeated this behavior.  Today she stayed for 45 minutes and, although no egg was seen, she showed all the signs of having laid the first egg.  The hen has been visiting between 6 and 8 a.m.

5/19/2014 - THE FIRST EGG was laid on Friday, May 16th.  The hen began lining the nest with her own down yesterday. Today there are 4 eggs. 

5/21/2014 - Incubation has begun.  There are at least 4 eggs, and probably more.  The hatch should occur around the dates from June 17th to June 21st.

5/29/2014 - There are 10 eggs in the nest.

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