African Lit Assignments

"A Prayer from the Living" Writing Questions:

What does this story say about life and death?  How does your view of death affect your reading of the text?

What does the story say about The West's inability to understand Africa?

I'll put the most current assignment up here and upload them at the bottom.

We're going to use a webpage to share our ideas on South Africa
Some steps to follow:
  • Go to Lino and join.
  • Look through your pre-writing and record what you consider the most important parts.
  • Go to the Linoit Link for the class canvass and record your thinking and record parts of your pre-writing.
  • You can post about presentation topic if you like
  • remember the login is "pfouts" and the password is "pfouts"

Writing Questions for Afrika Road and South Africa

Everyone got South Africa correct on the map--that's a relief.  I want to know what else you know. 

  • Record your initial reaction to "Afrika Road."
  • After reading the story what questions do you have?  What do you want to know?
  • Beyond the story tell me what you know about the country of South Africa?

Malawi WebQuest

Check out the following sites as a starting point.  They may lead you to other interesting information.  Your goal is to learn what you can and send me an email at the end of our time.  I want you to focus on what you can learn that would help you better understand "Breaking the Beadstrings" and "Taken." 

At the end of our time, send me an email <> with a sentence or two explaining what you found.  I'll compile your responses and bring them back to class.

CIA Factbook on Malawi
Malawi Govt site
Malawi @ Wikipedia
BBC on Malawi
Malawi Tourism
Nayasa Times (newspaper)

Steve Chimombo @ Wikipedia
More on Chimombo
Some background for "Taken"
Hastings Banda @ Wikipedia
Google search on Banda
Another story by Chimombo "The Rubbish Dump"
A review of "The Rubbish Dump."

Video on Modern Women's Rights in Malawi

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