Essays and Videos Assignments

What’s Left in Video Essays

NVHS Commercial: we’re going to do drafts—they have to illustrate it, not be super professional.

Final Essay:  you choose the topic write an essay on a topic you love and wish people knew more about.

Final Video Essay: in groups you will choose someone’s essay to turn into a final project.


After Compare and Contrast Essay--you can look at the previous checklist below.


  •    Check Grades
  •    Complete missing work—this weekend
  •    Write a first draft of your final essay—this weekend
  •    Do revisions—this weekend
  •    Create a New Vista storyboard/pitch—this weekend
  •    Go over pitches (in groups)
  •   Create a New Vista commercial (Rough Draft) (in groups)
  •   Refine final essay
  •   Go over final essays (in groups)
  •   Make a Final Video (in groups)

Final Essay

The final essay assignment is open—remember that essay means “to try.”  Try out your ideas.  Think about the warm-ups, the lists you made and what you most care about.

That’s the assignment: write an essay on a topic you care about.


Consider these essay types:

Persuasive/argumentative essay. Makes a claim or takes a position and backs it up with statistics, expert opinions, and other evidence. You may review an opposing review and explain why it is wrong and you are right.


Comparison essay. Demonstrates similarities and differences between two topics.


Descriptive essay. Explains the “what, why, how, when, and where’s” of a topic. For example, a descriptive essay about a tree would explain what it’s made of, why it grows, when it grows, and so on.


Evaluation essay. Describes a thing or event and explains its importance, value, and/or relevance. Did you like this thing? Why?


Narrative essay. Tells a story in a sequence of events. There should be some point, lesson, or idea gleaned from this narrative to make the essay meaningful.



For a bigger list check out:

First Checklist


We don’t have enough computers for people to work on their videos all at once.  Some people will do their LA work whiles edit video—and we will take turns at the computers.


If you don’t know what to do, you should consult the following checklist.  This also should give you an idea of what’s coming up.


  •    Gather resources for your mini-essay
  •    Start editing first video
  •    Go over handout-rubric
  •    Review iMovie features with Pfouts
  •    Watch Final Cut Tutorials
  •    Check out the website for Langauage Arts Resources and Video Resources
  •    Compose your Compare/Contrast Essay
  •    Gather resources for your Compare/Contrast Video
  •    Start editing your Compare/Contrast Video
  •    Write a script/make a pitch for an NVHS Commercial
  •    Watch examples of school commercials
  •    Get footage for NVHS Commercial
  •    Watch documentary examples
  •    Research and plan a Documentary Essay
  •    Start writing your Research Essay

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