New Verizon FIOS Deals

Although not available in all areas of the United States, Verizon FIOS is a relatively new service that uses fiber optics to connect any Internet compatible device. While this is possible due to the installation of fiber optics throughout the house the FIOS service is one that is said to be far better then the service provided with regular cable. In the end having this type of consistent service running throughout the home on multiple devices is considered a must. 

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With services available for:

- phone
- Internet
- television

staying connected has never been made easier. Watching television through the FIOS service has never been easier with the ability to watch every channel right from a laptop, a smartphone, gaming console (XBox 360), and even a tablet allows movies and the latest television shows while on the go or in the comfort of the living room. Along with streaming capabilities movies on demand are also available. The phone services that are included have a fairly good reliability and also include many of the features that are common to other phone services. The Internet is even faster then regular cable services making it easy to play games and browse the Internet. Here are some ways this service can be obtained. 


While there are many companies that offer the opportunity for their customers to combine all the offered services in an attempt to save the customer money while enjoying entertainment, and talk time. Bundling is as easy as 1, 2 , 3...a, b, c as it is now more easier then ever to save money and access other great deals while bundling. To take advantage of the opportunity to combine all Verizon FIOS services under the umbrella of one single bill there are a couple ways that are available. One way is to go to the FIOS portion of the Verizon website and select the select or subscribe option. As a second option any customer can bundle their FIOS services by calling up the Verizon FIOS customer service hotline and speak to a representative for more information, specials, and request to get all services bundled. Although the phone, Internet, and television are all services that can be bundled the option is also available to bundle any of these services any desired way by simply asking the FIOS representative or by getting more information at a location. 

Calling Customer Service

Many times the majority of all the offers, sales, promotions, and overall specials can only be discovered through calling the Verizon FIOS customer support department. In searching for these offers all that needs to be done is to ask the representative what the current promotions and other offers are available. Even though most of the specials that are offered only by phone are only available to first time customers there are also offers available for current customers. These offers and specials are usually good towards the use of any or all the services available and offered through the Verizon FIOS company. After learning of the current specials by talking to the phone representative authorization must be granted to the representative to make the change to the customer's account. Finally, after everything has been said and done the only thing that is left to enjoy are the savings although it may not be applied to the bill until the next billing cycle comes around. However, this method still offers some great deals on all services offered through Verizon FIOS. Next, saving on services through online deals.

Online Deals

Often times Verizon FIOS will have special promotions and other money saving events that are available through their website. These are provided by the company alone and are in no involvement with any third party companies or advertisement agencies. Although these offers may look similar to other offers provided by third party companies who tend to have codes that can be used towards company specific goods and services the specials provided by the company are guaranteed. To gain access to such specials click your way to the Verizon FIOS website and any of the promotions, offers, and specials will be attached to the service that is being sought out. Furthermore, other offers may be found in other sections of the website such as the deals section. Even more is that there may be specials and offers that are announced directly on the homepage upon accessing the website. Some of these deals may be product specific and time sensitive, especially when it comes to holiday specials. However, there may be offers that are ongoing with slight variations to its content. The only thing that can be done is to research these specials through the website.

Customizing Deals

One final way to access savings through specials, offers, and promotions is by visiting the nearest store. Although many of the specials might look familiar there may be extra savings that can be applied to a purchase in store verses if the purchase were to be made online or over the phone. Like asking the phone representative for current specials and offers the same thing can be done when visiting the nearest Verizon FIOS location. Furthermore, in conjunction with visiting the nearest location other ways where money can be saved in the long run is by downgrading. This can be a special in and of itself because in the long run many times it costs a lot less to bump Internet speeds down one level instead of shooting for the most expensive. as mentioned before bundling is also an option that can be explored.

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