Social Media

The purpose of this site is to provide resources and information to assist town leaders, teachers and parents to share and be aware of technologies and apps that our youth are accessing. With knowledge, we can remain educated and open the dialog with our children with the goal of keeping our youth safe.

When we put our children in the car, they are in carseats or buckled. When we leave our house, we lock the door and turn on security alarms. We run security checks on caretakers we leave our children with. We set rules for curfew, time with friends, doing homework and extra activities. Why would we leave our children vulnerable to dangerous people and situations that enter our house through the computer and other electronic devices? 

The problem is not the device or the app. The problem is our failing to be vigilant with our children, employing simple security on these devices, communicating and setting rules with our children and keeping educated ourselves! The navigation at the top of this page provides useful information on specific subjects. On the side is more information about various social media platforms.