ADL and JCRC Correspondence with Newton Public Schools

After years of insisting without reason (officials ignored the Verity Educate report and other indications of inappropriate material) that there was "no problem" with class materials, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) finally expressed some concern about the curriculum in October, 2017. Unfortunately, the ADL's letter to the Newton Public Schools (NPS) contained a number of errors; for example, the NPS never suspended teaching Middle East history to high schools classes or introduced a new curriculum as claimed, it was better than its previous denial of the issue. All that the letter said, however, was that the NPS had explained how teachers vetted (or more accurately, didn't vet) class material and that the ADL was available to 'help' with concerns. In other words, nothing changed, and no changes were anticipated, but the ADL admitted for the first time in six years that there 'may have been' a problem. 

Several months later (June, 2018) the ADL and the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) sent a joint letter to the NPS regarding allegedly anti-Israel activities and media which occurred during "Middle East Day" at Newton North High School.  The letter asked the NPS to answer questions about several concerns. It is know known whether there was any response by the NPS.