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Pioneer League Information

Pioneer League Music Festival Information

 Dear Parents,

            I want to tell you about the Pioneer League Music Festival that your student will be participating in on Wednesday, April 20th. This is a new event for us and involves the band and orchestras from schools in the Pioneer League. Chisholm Middle School is hosting this event this year, which means schools from Maize, Goddard, Derby, and Haysville will be coming to Newton to participate in this event. There are two components to this music festival: large groups and solos and ensembles. All orchestra students will be participating in the large group portion of the day. Students involved in private lessons will also be playing solos during the day. This is a very important performance, so it is important to begin making plans for this now.

            If you haven’t heard much about this event, let me explain what this is. All bands, orchestras, solos, and small ensembles from the participating schools will be adjudicated. This means that there will be a judge or group of judges that will be listening to the performances and will assign a rating, as well as give comments, based on the performance. The rating system is I to III, with a I rating indicating an excellent performance, while a III rating indicates that more practice is needed. If you are familiar with the high school level large group and solo/ensemble festivals, this is a very similar format. I have explained the details to your students, so feel free to ask them for further information.

 Update - April 12th, 2011

        The Pioneer League Music Festival is only one week away! Our orchestras are working hard to get ready for this performance. We have a number of students who will be playing solos as well. Remember, this is a very important performance and every student must be present. Just like students must take assessments in their other classes, this is our assessment for orchestra. This is considered to be a concert performance. Students are to wear their concert black clothes and need to make sure they have a ride to and from school. The buses will be running their normal routes, however, parents are also free to come get your student once their performance is over. More detailed information about the day is given below.

7th Grade Orchestra


Arrive to Chisholm at 9:30am

Warm up in choir room at 9:50am

Performance in Railer East Gym at 10:10am (Mozart Alleluia, El Toro)

Students may leave at 10:30am


8th Grade Orchestra


Arrive to Chisholm at 10:30am

Warm up in choir room at 10:50am

Performance in Railer East Gym at 11:10am (Night Shift, Declarations)

Students may leave at 11:30am


If you are playing a solo in the afternoon you may stay at Chisholm or you may go home and come back to play your solo.


What you need to know:

* All 7th and 8th grade orchestra are required to participate in the orchestra portion of the day.

* This is a concert performance and will be worth 100 points towards their grade.

* Concert Dress is expected to be worn (all black dress clothes).

* Each orchestra will perform two selections in front of three judges.

* Parents may attend the performance, however, keep in mind that this will be a short performance.

* There will be no school on Wednesday, April 20th for Chisholm Middle School students only.

* Students should have a ride to and from school on that day.

* Students are NOT required to stay the entire day. Once they have performed, they are free to go home.

* The exact time of the performances will not be known until April 13th. I will send another reminder

   later with more details on the time and place of the performances.  


Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Joey Menninga


284-6270, ext. 304