The Nomadic Theater could not have been launched without this group of energetic volunteers who pitched in with everything from props, to lights, to ticket taking to packing up the camels between shows.   Thank you!

Props -  Patrice Westrate, Jeff Riklin

Crew -
Chris Thayer, Alyssa Rogers, Jim Lerner, Steve Siegel, Theresa St. John, Mick Alexander, Maureen Reilly-Meagher, Louise Sacco

Hospitality (tickets, refreshments, etc) - Robin Dexter, Sungmi Lee, Gena Hooper, Robyn Alie, Vicki Gold

How About You? - The Newton Nomadic Theater is always looking for help.  We're looking for volunteers to help out with all aspects of production - everything from stage management, publicity, lights, set design, etc.  Contact Jerry Reilly at or 617-999-5300 if you think you may be able to lend a hand for future productions or events.