Videos of Nomad Story Slam 3

On a Friday night in April 2015 we held Story Slam 3.  The theme of the night was "Imagine my surprise".  Here are the stories

Mary O'Connell - Things go awry at the Grand Canyon
Jane Shiu - The sex talk
Susan Ketcher - How I met my husband
Anna Nahebedian - No GPS for me
Julia de Peyster - Guerrilla marketing
Clara Silverstein - Slapped upside the head with bigotry
Jim Emerson - Dominique or Nigeria?
Mike Reilly - Father, son, and BC football
Ofri Gilan - Trapped!
Jerry Reilly - Beware Lieutenant Island
Mark Newton - The designated driver
Eileen McMahon -  A ghost story
Chip Highfield - Mom and my stash
Walter Frankel - After hours in Philly
Kate Carney - Fear in his face
Nancy Wilson - The can man
Jerry Reilly - Sail away