Videos of Nomad Story Slam 2

On  January 23, 2015, at Gregorian Rugs, sixteen storytellers entertained a crowd of 100 people with their stories at the 2nd Nomad Story Slam.  The theme of the night was "moving on"

Here are their stories:

Jonathan Plaut – Moving on, forty years later
Julia dePeyster – My nursing bra
Mike Reilly – A book that changed my life (language warning)
Scott Lennon - Boys & Girls Club, Nonantum and me
Jen Kohl – A car in my living room
Brian Flaherty - Swarming clowns at Niagra Falls
Kelly Wallask - My son found his gift
Ann Nahebedian - Never speak to strangers
Jerry Reilly – Girlfriends don't matter
Kate Mason - Riding to California in my covered wagon
Jane Aransky - Ida is gone
Kate Carney - Let's put on a show
Eileen McMahon - Nuala and Me through the years
Louise Reilly Sacco - The steel door closed behind me
Scott Wallask - Halloween in Mississippi
John Gregorian - Villages of Persia as a 16 year old