Videos of Nomad Story Slam 1

In November 2014, we held our first Nomad Story Slam.  It was a big hit with 85 people in the audience, 21 story tellers and an amazing collection of wonderful stories.  The theme of the night was "on the road".  We captured them all on video so even if you weren't there that night, you can still hear them here.

Nicole Galland – Time for a new religion
Patti Cassidy – Graveyards of Paris
Nelson Lipshutz – Out in the Louisiana bayou
Joe Corcoran – A dicey night in Wales
Mayor Setti Warren – a tribute to a lost friend

The audience – The worse thing that ever happened on the road was …
Megara Bell – Buddha in the woods
Scott Lennon – Getting ‘the call’
Olivia Caffrey – I’m an excellent driver
Margie Ross Decker – In the village in Cambodia
Maddie Welch – My resourceful parents
Ashley Wasilewski – From Missouri for 36 hours
Bob Burke – How to hide an aircraft carrier
Brian Flaherty – You turn at the pizza shop
The audience – The worse thing that ever happened on the road was …

Sallee Lipshutz – WHAT”S HAPPENING !!?!??
Michael Reilly – Stick to bank robbery
Patrice Westrate – Haunted by my underwear
Rachel Koepke – Being the getaway driver
Martha O’Connell – On the road to Michigan
Jane Aransky – My most embarrassing moments
James Ruetnik – Please let me in
Kate Carney – If you ever need help, ask a priest
Jerry Reilly - Bob & Yoko

Special thanks go to Maureen Reilly-Meagher, Chris Pitts and Chris Thayer for creating the video of the night.  Maureen has recently started taking NewTV free video production classes.  This was going to be her first project.  She talked to Chris Pitts and he jumped in to help.  He said if it’s worth doing, let’s do it right.  So they showed up with an elaborate three camera setup.  They needed a 3rd camera person so they recruited Chris Thayer, one of our Nomadic Theater volunteers and a video producer in her own right.  The three of them put together this nicely edited two hour program – a big project, and we're immensely grateful. 

For those who don’t know Chris Pitts, he’s a man of many talents and interests.  When he’s not sitting on the Waban Area Council, he’s playing a mean saxophone in a great jazz band or doing all sorts of video production work.