The Revolutionists performance venues

Each week the The Revolutionists will move to a different, interesting, and unusual performance space.   Like nomads the world over, we never settle in any place for long.  After just a few performances we get restless, pack up the camels and move on.

Fri Oct 11, Sat Oct 12, 8 PM -  Bocca Bella Bistro and Cafe, Auburndale

We're happy to be back for our 4rd show at Bocca Bella (442 Lexington St) in Auburndale.  The performances will be in the cafe's function room next door. 

Come early and have dinner, the food is great!  ... or have a drink before or after the show.  If you haven't been to Bocca Bella's before, you're in for a treat.   Book a table for dinner (
617-928-1200) before the show if you like.

Fri Oct 18, Oct 19, 7:30PM
Waban Community Library

This cozy and beautiful neighborhood run library in the middle of Waban Square is always a great and intimate venue for a show.

Fri Oct 25, Sat Oct 26, 7:30 PM
Weston Art & Innovation Center
356 Boston Post Rd, Weston
We're delighted to be performing for the first time at this beautifully renovated 19th century library building. The doors just opened at the AIC a few weeks ago.

Only 5 minutes from the Newton town line - it's worth a trip just to see all the great programming that they're planning in coming months - and its all open to Newton residents.

*** Friday sold out ***
*** Saturday sold out ***

Sun Oct 27, 3 PM - Nunes' barn in Sudbury

Jake and Heather Nunes will be opening up their rustic barn of their circa 1700's farm (125 Powers Rd) in Sudbury for a Sunday matinee.

This is our theater's fifth visit to the Nunes Barn and we're very excited to be returning.  It's a fantastic space and a perfect venue for us.

*** Sold out ***

Fri Nov 1, Sat Nov 2, 7:30 PM
Gregorian Rugs, 2284 Washington St, Newton Lower Falls

For this show we'll be moving to Gregorian's magical back room.  An instant theater will be created within the fabulous Gregorian Fireplace Room where the floors and walls are covered with beautiful oriental rugs.

We've brought every show and nearly every Nomad Story Slam to Gregorian Rugs.  We love this place and our host Scott Gregorian.  If you've never been, you're in for a treat. 

*** Both nights sold out ***

Fri Nov 8, Sat Nov 9, 7:30 PM
The home of Henry Finch & Pat Robinson, Waban

We're very excited to be back again to the beautiful Finch/Robinson home at 153 Windsor Rd in Newton.

These promise to be wonderfully intimate performances once again in the Finch's living room.

*** Friday sold out ***
*** Saturday sold out ***

Nov 10, 4 PM (Sun) - Dunn Gaherins Pub & Restaurant, Upper Falls

The nomads bring it back to our home turf of Upper Falls for the closing performance at Dunn Gaherins Pub/Restaurant.   Though the Nomadic Theater cast and crew wanders the highways and byways from village to village throughout the run, we always bring it back to our favorite pub for the closing night.

Besides being a fabulous spot for an intimate theatrical performance,  Dunn Gaherins and Better Life Foods have been our bedrock sponsors from the start.  We love to close it all out, back where we started, in Upper Falls at Dunn Gaherins with delicious complementary snacks by Better Life Food.