The Revolutionists

Linda Goetz, Noni Lewis, Abigail Dickson, and Lillian Gomes.
directed by Nicole Galland

Four badass women lose their heads in this hilarious and poignant comedy set during the French Revolution.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to build a barricade! 

We've assembled a great cast of Newton Nomadic regulars and newcomers and brought back Nicole Galland to direct this wacky, wonderful and wildly imaginative story.   Linda Goetz (God of Carnage, Dracula, Doubt, Picasso), Noni Lewis (God of Carnage, Dracula, Molly Sweeney, All In the Timing),  Abigail Dickson (Colder Than Here, Behind the Scenes-Directing) and the NNT debut of the fabulous Lillian Gomes.

"The Revolutionists is gripping from opening curtain to end! Newton Nomadic pulls you deep into these women’s troubled emotional and romantic lives, set against the anarchy of the French revolution. Both tragic & very funny, an evening of terrific theater". - Paul Walsh
"A witty play carried off to perfection by fine acting." - Chuck Schwager

"Newton Nomadic Theater is just what it sounds like. The actors put together a play and present it in a series of odd places – a restaurant back room, an oriental rug store, someone’s living room, a barn, a pub. What is extraordinary is that these are all reliably good plays performed exceptionally well by reliably good actors. Throw in the intimacy, the wine and cheese and the matchless philosophy of a theater company with practically no overhead, whose proceeds go more or less directly to the performers, and that provides thought-provoking and affordable plays to the public, and you have a rare and winning combination.

Like Blanche Dubois, Newton Nomadic depends  on the kindness of strangers, but their mission is clearly so valuable that increasing numbers of local strangers are willing to help with venues and publicity.

Their latest offering, The Revolutionists, a drama set in Paris during the reign of terror, brings together a terminally out-of-touch queen, a revolutionary assassin, an emancipation activist and a society playwright all intent on telling their stories. The costumes are accurate, the dialogue is crisp and the jokes are darkly funny as the four progress towards their inevitable date with Madame La Guillotine. Playwright Lauren Gunderson would be proud. And Newton Nomadic should be proud. Go sit on an oriental rug, experience the kindness of strangers, and see what good theater is all about."  - Paddy Swanson, Artistic Director, Revels

Terrific play and performance! The play sparkles with humor, witty dialogue and four amazing characters. But dig a little deeper and you will find an exploration of such fundamental timeless questions as social responsibility of writers and moral courage in the face of violence.  - Halina Brown

"The Newton Nomadic Theater’s exceptional all-women production of the play the Revolutionists is a knockout.  The play is a clever study of what art means during a challenging time in history, the French Revolution. The heroic women involved, react to their tragic situations with a marvelous sense of humor and moving courage.  See the Revolutionists before its too late!"  - Vicki Gold

"Great cast and cozy venue." - Anna Nahabedian

"The dialogue in The Revolutionists was surprisingly complicated and witty.  The production was fast paced, engaging, and even threatened to break into song and puppetry.We thoroughly enjoyed it. - Marilee Ogren