"Theater is just storytelling.  We've been doing it since we lived in caves.  All you need is a light, a face, and a good story.  If the story is good it will work.  Everything else is extra" - Actor Billy Meleady.   

For the Nomad Story Slam, we provide the light, you provide the face and the story.   The idea is simple - a community story telling night, based loosely on NPR's very popular Moth Radio Hour.

The next Nomad Story Slam will be on Sun Feb 9, 7:30 PM at Gregorian Rugs.  Come listen to every kind of story imaginable from your neighbors.

The theme of the night is "danger". 

Special Guest! - Cheryl Hamilton is a relentless storyteller, routinely appears in storytelling productions throughout New England, including with The Moth, Risk, Soundbites, The Corner, and  Massmouth. When not telling stories herself she is curating the national television show Stories from the Stage produced in partnership with PBS's WORLD Channel and WGBH.  She'll join us to tell her own danger story.

Consider throwing your name in the hat and telling your own story about your danger or someone else's.     Tell us about that time your parachute almost didn't open, or when you were in danger of falling in love, or when you came dangerously close to blowing the surprise.  Stories should be 5 minutes long, they must be true and have happened to you.  No notes, no props, just let it rip.

For some tips on storytelling  - Click Here.

Videos of nearly all the stories from all of the Nomad Story Slams are also available.  Go to the sidebar on the left, expand the Nomad Story Slam section and pick your event.