"Theater is just storytelling.  We've been doing it since we lived in caves.  All you need is a light, a face, and a good story.  If the story is good it will work.  Everything else is extra" - Actor Billy Meleady.   

For the Nomad Story Slam, we provide the light, you provide the face and the story.   The idea is simple - a community story telling night, based loosely on NPR's very popular Moth Radio Hour.

The next Nomad Story Slam will be on Fri March 29, 7:30 PM at Gregorian Rugs.  Come listen to every kind of story imaginable from your neighbors.

The theme of the night is "comfort zone". 

Consider throwing your name in the hat and telling your own story about being in or out of your "comfort zone", or someone else's.   Tell about when you jumped out of that airplane, or screwed up the courage to talk to that guy at the bus stop, or quit that job, or immigrated or emigrated, or any other plunge into the unknown .  It it has anything to do with someone's "comfort zone", we want to hear it.  Stories should be 5 minutes long, they must be true and have happened to you.  No notes, no props, just let it rip.

For some tips on storytelling  - Click Here.

In November, the Friday before the Newton city elections.  All the candidates for contested seats in Newton elections were invited to come tell us a story .. and 19 of them did including the two mayoral candidates, and many City Council and School Committee contenders.

To the best of our knowledge this has never been done anywhere for any election and it was  a great night full of great stories that illuminated the personal side of each of these candidates - Click here to hear their stories

The first Nomad Story Slam was held on Friday, Nov 21 2014 at Gregorian Rugs in Newton Lower Falls.  We were hoping we'd get 40-50 people and maybe 10 storytellers.   We ended up with 85 people, more than 21 storytellers aged 16 - 85.  The stories were personal, wonderful, in every imaginable mood and style.  It was a magic night of doing what we've been doing for thousands of years - sitting around at night and telling each other stories - stories about mayhem at a temple in India, earthquakes, cross-country video game dating, Buddha emerging from the woods, the day a phone call changed a life, a San Diego freaky road tripping-bachelor pad tale, sneaking a aircraft carrier into a harbor, misguided social experiments, a foul mouthed neighbor. lost in Worcester, life in a village in Cambodia and on and on and on.

Special guest, Newton mayor Setti Warren came by and told a story about a neighbor and family friend who died almost exactly a year ago but left a profound mark on everyone she touched.

To listen/watch any or all of the 21 stories from the first Nomad Story Slam in November 2014 - Click Here


Videos of nearly all the stories from all of the Nomad Story Slams are also available.  Go to the sidebar on the left, expand the Nomad Story Slam section and pick your event.