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If you wanted to get tickets to the Cabtivist but were to late, there are people who want to talk to you:

Actor, author and Green Party candidate for New York governor Malachy McCourt, has this to say to you.
Cabbie Seth Goldman has this to say to you

John McDonagh has been driving a cab in New York City for the last 35 years and he has the stories to prove it.  The Cabtivist is John's uproarious one-man show about more ridiculous adventures than any other ten people have had.  His real-life stories are woven together with video clips and John's hysterically funny commentary.

At our most recent Nomad Story Slam, John came and did a 5 minute excerpt from The Cabtivist.  While John told the wild story of how he ended up on FoxNews, the clip of his interview with an incredulous and disturbed Fox anchor Neil Cavuto played.  By the time he got to being chased through the studio by half of the FoxNews staff, the entire Nomad Story Slam audience was howling.

DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW !  John is a one of a kind entertainer with a delivery that will make you wet your pants.  His stories are all true and they are unbelievable.  

Fri April 28 at Gregorian Rugs, Newton Lower Falls
 *** SOLD OUT ***

Sat April 29 at Patty Simon's art studio, Newton Highlands 
 *** SOLD OUT ***

Sun April 30, 3PM at Patty Simon's art studio, Newton Highlands 

"Cabbie John McDonagh takes passengers and theatergoers on a hell of a ride" - Ginger Adam Otis, New York Daily News

"It is New York folklore at its best ... so funny and inventive ... should be seen by everyone" - David Rotherberg, Fortune Society

"My fellow cabbie .. the best and most articulate guide I ever had" - Stephen Fry

"This man is a superb story teller, never lacking in humor" - Malachy McCourt, actor, author, activist