Someone Who'll Watch Over Me

Here are a few things the audiences have been saying (click on links for full comments):

Frank McGuiness's Someone Who'll Watch Over Me is a haunting, funny, tense and exciting show you won't soon forget.  Three men - an American, an Englishman, and an Irishman are scooped off a street in Beirut and locked away in a cell for reasons known only to their captors.   It's a story of hope, and despair and everything in between, peppered with humor, tenderness, and suspense - a masterful piece of writing.

This production is brought to life by three startlingly good Nomadic Theater newcomers.  Chris Burke, Derek Stone Nelson, Steve Vaughan are making their Nomadic Theater debut with Nomadic regular Billy Meleady in the director's seat.

Do not miss this show!  Three wildly talented actors, an amazing script, and a production perfectly suited for the our Nomadic style of presentation.  From the audience feedback so far, this may be our best show yet.

Dramatic Guarantee - We are so confident that this show will blow you away that we are making an unprecedented offer.  Come see it.  If you don't enjoy it, speak to any of the Nomadic  crew, tell them you didn't like it and we will refund your money on the spot.   That's how confident we are about this one.

Each week the show will move to a new and unique performance space.   Like nomads the world over, we never settle in any one place for long.   Along with some of our favorite venues, we're excited to also be bringing our theater to Oak Hill Park for the first time, as well as doing a special performance for a blind audience at the Carroll Center.

 Join us at an art studio, a community center, a rug store, a living room, the Carroll Center or a pub.

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