From one of Ireland’s best modern playwrights, this striking piece of dramatic writing is a daring piece of theater. Three points of view about a poignant drama are related by three characters addressing the audience directly. Their stories interweave on stage, threading in and around each others’ lives, until the unexpected and touching conclusion to this striking tale. This wonderful play by Brian Friel is the tale of a blind woman, her sighted husband and her doctor, inspired by an essay by Oliver Sacks.

Newton Nomadic Theater vet Billy Meleady is back, both directing and acting, joined on stage by Nomadic newcomers Stephen Cooper and Noni Lewis in the title role. 

Fiddler extraordinaire Emerald Rae will be Joining us for most (but not all) performances to provide live music before and after the show

Each week Molly Sweeney will move to a new and unique performance space.   Like nomads the world over, we never settle in any place for long.   Join us for Molly Sweeney in a library, a living room, a  restaurant, a rug store, a barn or a pub.


These three actors tell an amazing, absorbing, and suspenseful story … the ability to conjure images and relationships and emotions with so few of the conventional tools of theater continues to astonish me. … the acting is brilliant.

Marilee Ogren saw Variety on a newstand

It is cerebral. It is compassionate. It is depressing. It is elevating. It is the human condition. A true story based, in fact, on the human condition ... How such a new, small theater group can produce so large a human reaction boggles my mind.  See the show." - Sallee Lipshutz - regular reader of the New York Times

 "It’s fabulous!   This is not community theater folks, this is the real deal. Three actors putting out as good as it gets. They knock it out of the park."
        - Jonathan Frieze occasionally watches The Today Show

"The performance was wonderful. The story was fascinating and gripping, and the acting was up there with the best I’ve ever seen. A must see."
- Gail Spector listens to  NPR's All Things Considered in her car

"Another great production from our own Newton Nomadic Theater."
 - Chris Meagher
saw Entertainment Weekly in a doctor's office