The American premiere! of Dracula: The Bloody Truth
by Le Navet Bete and John Nicholson

We've assembled an all star cast for this uproarious new comedy - England's Stephen Vaughan, Wales' Noni Lewis, Boston's Matt Winberg and Newton's own Linda Goetz will have you roaring with laughter in this retelling of everyone's favorite bloody tale.  Directed by Michael Murphy.

Professor Van Helsing and his three bad actors play forty different characters in this insane retelling of Bram Stoker's classic story.  They'll take you from the mountains of Translyvania to the English seaside town of Whitley, from the insane asylum to the graveyard.

Nearly everything you know about the Newton Nomadic Theater is going out the window for this show.  "keep it simple"? No!, "travel light"? No!, "move from place to place"?  Just barely! Great acting?  No! These actors are idiots.

"You'll die laughing when this show get its fangs into you"

Click a weekend below to select tickets ($25)
Student/youth ticket ($10) - email


Fri May 18, 7:30 PM, Gregorian Rugs, Lower Falls ($25) - Sorry, sold out

Here's a few things our opening weekend's audience had to say:

“A manic infusion of laughter! Four superb – and superbly directed – actors inhabit 40 characters in this batty British farce cleverly staged for your rec room. See it. This Dracula totally sucks — in all the best ways!” – Judy Karp & Harry Lohr

“It was SO SO wonderfully-acted and funny! I recommend it highly – if you possibly can, go see it.” – Karen Bray

“Hilarious….think Abbot and Costello X 2 reinventing Bram Stoker’s more sedate tale. Slap stick at its best.” – Linda Corcoran

Awesome show - a departure from a the conventions of traditional theatre carried out in style!  Make sure you see it! - Andy North

"A bolt of comic lightening blasting away the sanctimonies about the undead"

The amazing versatility of the actors plus the absolute silliness and fun of the script makes "Dracula:The Bloody Truth" quite a unique experience!!  People from all ages can enjoy so many laughs together at this show, it is fantastic! - Maria Beatriz Arvelo

"What a delightfully goofy show within a show. Outstanding performances and a familiar tale turned on its head..." - Tom Croarkin


Dracula: The Bloody Truth is side-splittingly funny and is, by far, the best new comedy I’ve seen this year - Broadway World

"Go and see it, take garlic, take a crucifix, take teenagers 'Listen to them, children of the night. What music they make' " - Bristol 24/7