Colder Than Here performance venues

Each week the "Colder Than Here" will move to a different, interesting, and unusual performance space.   Like nomads the world over, we never settle in any place for long.  After just a few performances we get restless, pack up the camels and move on.

Apr 5 (Fri), Apr 6 (Sat) 7:30 PM- Saco-Pettee Mill, Upper Falls

Opening weekend shows in the historic and beautiful Saco-Pettee Mill (formerly Clark Shoes) building in Upper Falls.  

(sorry, Saturday sold out)

Apr 7 (Sun) 7:30 PM- Lexington home of Pam & Norm Richter

Special performance for the Lexington Neighbors & Newcomers
(sorry, sold out)

Apr 12 (Fri), Apr 13 (Sat) 7:30 PM - Waban Community Library

We're delighted to be returning to the cozy Waban Community Library for two performances.

(sorry, Friday sold out)
tickets still available for Sat

Apr 14, Sunday matinee 2PM - Nunes Barn, Sudbury

It's been a while since we've done a show at the wonderful Nunes family barn in Sudbury.   This historic and quirky barn is a fantastic place to see a Newton Nomadic show.

Tickets for this show are pay what you can - suggested price $25, buut if that's too steep pay us less.  Reserve tickets by emailing

Apr 19 (Fri), Apr 20 (Sat) 7:30 PM- Gregorian Rugs, Newton Lower Falls

It would not be a Newton Nomadic production without a stop at one of our favorite venues - the beautiful Gregorian Rugs, nestled on the river in Lower Falls.

Apr 26 (Fri), Apr 27 (Sat) 7:30 PM - home of Steve Siegel & Theresa St. John

Since much of Colder Than Here is set in a living room we are tickled that we'll be returning to the Siegel St. John home for some living room performances.

These will definitely be the most intimate shows of the whole run.

Apr 28 4 PM (Sun) - Dunn Gaherins Pub & Restaurant, Upper Falls

The nomads bring it back to our home turf of Upper Falls for the closing performance at Dunn Gaherins Pub/Restaurant.   Though the Nomadic Theater cast and crew wanders the highways and byways from village to village throughout the run, we always bring it back to our favorite pub for the closing night.

Besides being a fabulous spot for an intimate theatrical performance,  Dunn Gaherins and Better Life Foods have been our bedrock sponsors from the start.  We love to close it all out, back where we started, in Upper Falls at Dunn Gaherins with delicious complementary snacks by Better Life Food.