Noni Lewis, Matt Winberg, Abigail Dickson, and Ellie Brelis
directed by Nicole Galland

Nobody can ignore the fact that Myra is dying, but in the meantime, life goes on. There are boilers to be fixed, cats to be fed, and the perfect funeral to be planned. As mother researches burial spots and biodegradable coffins, her family is finally forced to communicate with her and each other as they face up to the future. A dark comedy about death and life going on.

We've assembled a fabulous cast of Newton Nomadic regulars and newcomers and recruited Nicole Galland to direct what promises to be the funniest play you will ever see about bone cancer.  Noni Lewis (God of Carnage, Dracula, Molly Sweeney, All In the Timing), Matt Winberg (Dracula, Doubt, All in the Timing, Christmas Carol)  Abigail Dickson (Behind the Scenes-Directing) and the NNT debut of Ellie Brelis.

Come see Colder Than Here in a mill, come see it in a library, a rug store, a living room, or a pub - but come see it.

Here's what our opening weekend audience had to say about this production

"Every so often we see a play that is the perfect combination of script, direction, and acting.  Last nights performance of “Colder than Here” was the reason we love theater so much. This melodrama grips ones soul from lights up to the final fade. It makes light of a tragic situation and yet maintains the balance that keeps it from being farcical. The powerful performances from all the cast members grips the soul and makes one feel like you are peering somewhat secretive into their family life.  For those who have not seen a play performed by Newton Nomadic Theater, or for those that have, this is one not to be missed!" - Bruce Schneider

"It's probably the funniest play about cancer I've seen." - Matt Crawford

" Colder Than Here explores how a family is dealing with a terminal diagnosis of cancer, and does so with an intimate and very real perspective.  This powerful performance will have you laughing at times, but also reflecting on how each character is feeling, as they each navigate their own situation as well as the family dynamics." -
Deborah Smith

"Explores the myriad ways families deal with loss and illness.  It is riveting,instructive and ultimately uplifting." -
Ros Winsor

"I enjoyed everything about this show. The play was quite thought provoking as it explored the cold and practical reality of dying and death. Lovely job!" -
Marian Knapp

This is a moving and very funny play about the way a family of four, each with very different characters, deals with impending loss and the Great Mystery of death. It is superbly acted as are all the Newton Nomadic productions. It's hard to believe that we have access to performances like this in our own backyard!  - Judy Tsafrir

"I  really enjoyed the show.  ... a very poignant portrayal of the characters and the different dynamics that emerge as they are forced to confront this shared and very emotional situation." - Marcia Fredlich

"The show was great!! The acting was excellent and the writing was poignant. It is amazing to see what a great production this was with such a limited  set. The topic is timely and thought provoking."

"It was really great. The story was so true, that it could have been a documentary.  The young actresses as well as the main characters were so believable." -
Ruth Sondermann