Beauty Queen of Leenane

The Newton Nomadic Theater presents "The Beauty Queen of Leenane" by Martin McDonagh from May 15 to June 7  The Beauty Queen of Leenane is a pitch black Irish comedy that plumbs the depths of a mother and daughter's wild family dynamics. 
It will grab you.  It will scare you.  It will make you laugh and give you chills. 

Once again, The Nomadic Theater will move a simply staged, high quality production from village to village, place to place, every weekend of its 4 week run - Lower Falls, Upper Falls, Auburndale, Waban and we're pleased to be performing for the first time in Oak Hill (Newton Community Farm) and Newtonville (Gahm/Van't Hul family's home).  *** New special show just added at the Burren in Somerville (Davis Square) as a guest production for Solas Nua, Boston's amazing Irish theatre company.

The cast:
Linda Goetz in the role of Maureen Folan (the daughter).  Linda was featured last September in the role of Gracie Hardy, in the theater's premier production of The Faith Healer

Lida McGirr in the role of Mag Folan (the mother).  Lida is making her debut with the Newton Nomadic Theater

Dave Rich as Pato Dooley.  Dave was featured last September in the role of Frank Hardy, the faith healer, in the theater's premier production of The Faith Healer.

Matt Phillipps in the role of Ray Dooley.  Matty is making his debut with the Newton Nomadic Theater

Directed by Joey DeMita - We're pleased to welcome Joey who is working with the Nomadic Theater for the first time

Stage Manager Anna Stenberg - Yes, we finally have a real, and very good, stage manager


Newton Nomadic Theater has produced a magnificent play, McDonagh's The Beauty Queen of Leenane. In different venues, with minimal sets, lighting, and space, the text stands out to create a dramatic space in which talented actors bring forth a remarkable production. Dialect is spot on so I felt like I was in Ireland peeking in the window of a lonely cottage ... The moments or comedy lighten the heart just enough. Linda Goetz, Lida McGirr, Dave Rich and Matt Phillipps are brilliant in their portrayals. Don't miss this." - Timothy McGuire

Great job!! Once again, another top quality production in a terrific venue! " - Judy Maggs

"Beauty Queen will tickle a warped sense of humor in your mind or frighten you out of what wits you have left; or both
" - Theatre Bloom

"The blend of black comedy, horror and heightened drama emerging from domestic situations ... McDonagh pulls the elements together, the twists and turns, and his undeniable wit that makes The Beauty Queen of Leenane a thrilling and enduring piece of theatre." - The Daily Review

"This gloriously funny script is a modern classic. The wickedly amusing, sometimes gasp-out-loud cruelty of McDonagh’s scenario runs alongside precocious insights into the aging process, family dysfunction and psychological instability ...that lends a stabbing quality of truth to the overt and covert scheming, as well as the rampantly silly small-mindedness. " - The Telegraph

"The first few scenes of The Beauty Queen of Leenane, the jet-black 1996 comedy, feel bleak but mostly benign. But leave it to McDonagh, and his diabolically sharp wit, to set such quiet, humble moments suddenly ablaze." - DC Theater Scene