Order a Yearbook

2014 Yearbook is not yet on-sale, information will be posted shortly!!

2014 COST: $85.00 ($80.00 + $5.00 tax) before December * and $95.63 ($90.00 + $5.63 tax) after December *
                                                                                                                                                                                                                * subject to change by Jostens
We would prefer that all yearbooks be ordered online with Jostens.

For Seniors: 
    You will receive several notices in the mail from Jostens that look like an order form. 
    The order form contains a personal account number (this is for tracking purposes), price, and accessory add-ons.
    By ordering directly through Jostens you will be able to make payment either by Credit Card, Check, or Cash.

Here is the new link to order a yearbook:

For Underclassmen:
    You may use the above link to also order a yearbook.

If you are a parent of both a Senior and an Underclassmen:
    You may order a yearbook for your younger child using your Senior's account number.
    When it asks you to enter a quantity, enter 2. 

If for some reason you lose your order information, the yearbook staff will be able to look up your account number.