Order a Yearbook

The 2018 Yearbook is now on sale. 

We would prefer that all yearbooks be ordered online with Jostens.
For Seniors: 
    You will receive several notices in the mail from Jostens that look like an order form. 
    The order form contains a personal account number (this is for tracking purposes), price, and accessory add-ons.
    By ordering directly through Jostens you will be able to make payment either by Credit Card or Check.

For Underclassmen:
    You may use the above link to also order a yearbook. Click on "I do not have an account number".

If you are a parent of both a Senior and an Underclassmen:
    You may order a yearbook for your younger child using your Senior's account number.
    When it asks you to enter a quantity, enter 2. 

If for some reason you lose your order information, the yearbook staff will be able to look up your account number or just click "I do not have an account number".