Welcome to an insightful look into Newton's Method and its Fractals! In these few pages we will explore the wonders of this clever root-finding technique.

First off, we go back in time and follow the footsteps of famous mathematicians as they uncover the fundamentals of what we now call "Newton's method". Then, armed with the essential theory behind how it all works, we dive into the world of fractals and see how it all fits together. We'll take a look at what situations are required for the method to converge, and how the convergence behaves for a special class of polynomial functions.

Enjoying the pretty pictures along the way? We will show you how to make your own! Enjoy the included pre-made applet for you to play around with your own fractals!

Still haven't had enough? We included a bit more advanced theory to sate your thirst. See how Newton's method has been generalized and modified to be even more powerful.

 Hope you enjoy your stay and above all else, remember to have fun!

Maysum Panju
Renzhi Song
Simon Fong