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Archives for New Teacher Chat are available on this page from June 2011-October 2013 

Update: As of November 2013, New Teacher Chat will no longer produce Archives.

Recent Archives are on this #NTchat=> Pinterest Board.

October 2013

10/30/13 Topic: Chat cancelled.
10/16/13 Topic: (transcript not available)
10/2/13 Topic: Parent Conference Tips 

September 2013

9/25/13 Topic: Praise and Feedback http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/ve1r
9/18/13 Topic: New Teacher Academy (re-boot) Building Relationships http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/nxae
9/11/13 Topic: New Teacher Academy (re-boot) Working with Parents http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/rk79
9/4/13 Topic: New Teacher Academy (re-boot) Lesson Delivery http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/kav2

August 2013

8/28/13 Topic: New Teacher Academy (re-boot) Lesson Planning http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/19n6
8/21/13 Topic: New Teacher Academy (re-boot) Classroom Management http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/61an
8/14/13 Topic: Homework, Philosophy, Resources http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/b917

July 2013

7/31/13 Topic: Planning for the First Days of School http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/3d4t
7/24/13 Topic: Long Range Plans http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/lyea
7/17/13 Topic: Using Pinterest as a Classroom Resource http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/gf89
7/10/13 Topic:Tips for Performing Your Best at an Interview! http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/eyi5
7/3/13 Topic: What’s missing from your teacher ed/prep program? http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/bcu6

June 2013

6/26/13 New Teacher Chat will be on a break this week!
6/19/13 Topic: Best ways to use Social Bookmarking
6/12/13 Topic:Talking about Tech Tools this Summer http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/hy8b
6/5/13  Topic: Topic: Let's talk Summer Professional Development http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/xd05

May 2013

5/29/13 Topic: Summer Reading for you and your students http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/gfvp
5/22/13 Topic: Did you receive support from your school this year? http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/59vb
5/15/13 Topic: "Learning till the last minute" with students as the school year wraps! http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/84z4
5/8/13   Topic: 3 year Anniversary Chat! How should a new teacher build a PLN? http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/hn51
5/1/13   Topic: 

What does it mean to be an inspiring educator? #BInspiring http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/ok9j

April 2013

4/24/13 Topic: How much do your colleagues influence your teaching? http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/0nrg
4/17/13 Topic: Strategies for Blogging with Students http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/b7i0
4/10/13 Topic: How can we fight (new) teacher fatigue? http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/p976
4/3/13   Topic: Using Poetry in the Classroom http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/oksu

March 2013
3/27/13  Topic: Conservation and #EarthDay with  http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/vah3 
3/20/13  Topic: Strategies for Teaching Science http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/8yh0
3/13/13  Topic: Strategies for Teaching for Social Studies http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/lwdt
3/6/13  Topic: Strategies for Providing Great Math Instruction http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/kw9q

February 2013

2/27/13: Topic: Strategies for Providing Quality Literacy Instruction http://www.teachingwithsoul.com/gph1
2/20/13: Topic: Report Cards and Evaluation http://goo.gl/4d96I
2/13/13: Topic: Building Relationships (2013 transcript not available) 2012 discussion http://goo.gl/sRujs

2/6/13 Topic: #4 Working with Parents Re-boot of New Teacher Academy http://goo.gl/PoKHF

January 2013

1/30/13 Topic: #3 Delivery of Instruction Re-boot of New Teacher Academy (2013 transcript not available) 2012 discussion http://goo.gl/tDXgj

1/23 /13 Topic: #2 Lesson Planning Re-boot of New Teacher Academy http://goo.gl/oRP24

1/16/13 Topic: #1 Classroom Management Re-boot of New Teacher Academy http://goo.gl/VUVoG

1/9/13 Topic: What area of your teaching do you want to focus on transforming in 2013? (transcript not available)

December 2012

12/26/12 Holiday Break: No chat on this date.

12/19/12 Topic: What are you grateful for? http://goo.gl/Iu3bp

12/12/12 Topic: How do you create work/life balance as a new teacher? http://goo.gl/oVmb2

12/5/12 Topic: Celebrate the holidays with your students with cultural sensitivity

November 2012

11/28/12 Topic: Promoting Creativity in the Classroom (transcript not available)

11/21/12 Topic: How can we support new teachers to make Global Connections? http://goo.gl/V0t4e

11/14/12 Topic:How should a principal support a new teacher? http://goo.gl/oaSnM

11/7/12 Topic:(transcript not available)

October 2012

10/24/12 Topic: Back to School Teaching Resources with Steve Reifman @stevereifman http://goo.gl/7321i10/17/12 Topic: Teaching Conservation in the Classroom with @GeorgiaPacific http://goo.gl/05eaA Storify:

10/10/12 5 Amazing Web Tools for Collaboration http://storify.com/teachingwthsoul/5-amazing-tech-tools-for-collaboration

10/3/12 Topic: (transcript not available)

September 2012

9/26/12 Topic:Delivery of Instruction based on Re-boot of New Teacher Academy

9/19/12 Topic: Lesson Planning based on Re-boot of New Teacher Academy http://goo.gl/6Cyl0

9/12/12 Topic: Classroom Management based on Re-boot of New Teacher Academy (Tweets lost by Archivest)

9/5/12 Holiday- no chat on this date

August 2012

8/29/12 Topic: #Kinderchat & New Teacher Chat #ntchat tweet-up!

8/22/12 Topic: Back to School Tips! http://goo.gl/9HZvi

8/8/12 Topic: Chatting with Remind 101 http://goo.gl/8Ir6U

8/1/12 Topic: Design Thinking for your Classroom Environment http://goo.gl/Sglpy

July 2012

7/25/12 Topic: Backward Mapping and Long Range Planning :http://goo.gl/NPQe7
7/18/12 Topic: Pinterest for Newbies with Guest Moderator Erin Klein @kleinerin

7/11/12 Topic: Tips for Performing Your Best at Your Next Interview http://goo.gl/Y2jdd
7/4/12 -Holiday-no chat on this date

June 2012

6/13/12 Topic: Learning about Tech Tools this Summer http://goo.gl/Uewcu

6/6/12 Topic:Summer Professional Development http://goo.gl/sdjPB

May 2012

5/30/12 Topic: Summer Book Reads http://goo.gl/SaE9T Summer Reading List http://goo.gl/s79hw

5/23/12 Topic:Did you receive support from your school this year? Yes/No? If yes...what and how? http://goo.gl/K9GJi

5/16/12 Topic:As summer approaches, How will you wrap up the school year? (transcript not available)

5/9/12 #ntchat/#ptchat Tweet-up Topic: Parents Ask Mock Interview Questions 

5/2/12 2nd Year Birthday Chat! TopicHow should a new teacher build a PLN? http://goo.gl/dVtW1

April 2012

4/25/12 Topic: How much do your colleagues influence your teaching? http://goo.gl/8IVr1

4/18/12 Topic: Classroom Libraries:Do you have one? How do you use it? http://goo.gl/dx4Uv

Storify for Classroom Library Chat with key resources http://goo.gl/R9Mke

4/11/12 Topic: #Earthday& Environmental Education in the Classroom http://goo.gl/Xufi6

Storify for Earthday Chat with key resources http://goo.gl/vwiEP

4/4/12 Topic: Using Poetry in the Classroom. Let's share resources! http://goo.gl/AKPo7

Storify for Poetry Chat with key resources http://goo.gl/O6pxN

March 2012

3/28/12 Topic: How is Coaching and Mentoring helpful? http://goo.gl/LxYSQ

3/21/12 Topic: Sharing great ways to teach Social Studies in the Classroom http://goo.gl/4MHgL

3/14/12 Topic: Strategies for providing a quality #Math program (chat took place on Pi Day) http://goo.gl/vlCFT

3/7/12 Topic: As a new teacher...How are you providing quality literacy instruction? http://goo.gl/x3Afp

February 2012

2/29/12 Topic: What is Symbalooedu.com? with Kimmie Chan http://goo.gl/a5IKI

2/22/12 Topic: Teaching Kindness: What, Why & How. http://goo.gl/VyMRy
(Resources for this chat on Kindness via a link to a Google Doc http://goo.gl/Tyagi

2/15/12 Topic: New Teacher Academy: Building Relationships with Joan Young http://goo.gl/sRujs

2/8/12 Topic: New Teacher Academy: Working with Parents with Shelly Terrellhttp://goo.gl/WeYWZ

2/1/12 Topic: New Teacher Academy: Delivery of Instruction with Paula Nauglehttp://goo.gl/tDXgj

January 2012

1/25/12 Topic:New Teacher Academy:Lesson Planning with Matthew Ray http://goo.gl/kebRU

1/18/12 Topic:New Teacher Academy:Classroom Management with Justin Stortz http://goo.gl/Vi36Y

1/11/12 Topic: Open Chat...bring your questions! http://goo.gl/d9KyP

1/4/12 Topic: How will you transform your teaching in 2012? (transcript not available)

December 2011

12/14/11 Topic: How do you create work/life balance at busy times of the year? http://goo.gl/JFgul
12/7/11 Topic:How can you handle this Holiday season in a culturally sensitive way? http://goo.gl/fpO2I
Great tip: Remember - big C Culture = race, religion, ethnicity, and small c culture = family traditions, preferences, uniqueness. #ntchat

November 2011

11/30/11 Topic: How can we support new teachers to make Global Connections? http://goo.gl/0FwK7
11/9/11 Topic: Strategies for supporting Gifted students in the classroom. (transcript not available)
11/2/11 Topic: How should a principal support a new teacher? (by request) http://goo.gl/pRplM

October 2011

10/26/11 Topic: How can we support you to integrate tech into your daily curriculum?  (transcript not available)
10/19/11 Topic: How do you work with and motivate challenging kids? http://goo.gl/T44NW
10/12/11 Topic:  (transcript not available)
10/5/11 Topic: The time is upon us: Parent/Teacher/Student conferences, bring your best tip! http://goo.gl/K40Fa

September 2011

9/21/11 Topic: How do you know, what you don't know about Communication? http://goo.gl/nx8vK
9/14/11 Topic: How do you know, what you don't know about Curriculum? http://goo.gl/pclPs

August 2011
8/31/11 Topic: Classroom Management Strategies. Or How to facilitate a positive classroom environment

Beginning of New Teacher Boot Camp topic discussions from July 6-August 5, 2011 http://edutopia-ntbootcamp.wikispaces.com/ has a comprehensive archive of all activities for this 5 week Bootcamp.

July 2011
7/13/11 Topic: How to use Voice Thread in the Classroom. http://goo.gl/IJuOl
7/20/11 Topic: How to use StoryBird in the Classroom. http://goo.gl/D4oD7

June 2011
6/22/11 Topic: How has PLN (concretely) supported you as a new teacher? http://goo.gl/k2z1Y

6/29/11 Topic:How to support new teachers to use tech integration. http://goo.gl/1eygq