New Teacher Chat #ntchat will celebrate 5 YEARS on TWITTER this upcoming May 6 2015!!

The #ntchat history and schedule

Our 1st #ntchat officially launched on Wed May 5th 2010. It was met with great excitement! The chat was founded by Lisa Dabbs to provide weekly mentoring and focus on the needs of new, new to the profession and pre-service teachers. It was founded at a time when Twitter chats for new/pre-service teachers, were not in existence.
Our #ntchat schedule is: Wednesdays, at 5pm PDT (8PM EDT, 1:00AM Thursday in Europe, 7:00AM Thursday in Sydney ).

Welcome to the New Teacher Chat Google Site! (#ntchat) 

Looking for archives of #ntchat? Those from 2010-2013 are located in the Archives navigation bar to the left. Thanks for your interest!

New Teacher Chat is on Facebook ,Google Plus and Pinterest
Join us there to collaborate and share resources!

NEW! New Teacher Chat now has a class on Remind.com
The @ntchat class will launched on September 10. Sign up to join the class by reading all about it at lisadabbs.com Hope to see you there!


We are here! Loud and proud in 2015! Look forward to being a support to new and pre-service teachers!

YouTube Video

Thanks to Ryan Archer for this great #ntchat promo!

Our chat occurs weekly at 5pm PST/6pm MT/7pm CT/8pm ET.Join us

Check this World Time Buddy http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ to find us in your time zone.

New Teacher Chat (#ntchat) and hashtag was founded by Lisa Dabbs @teachwithsoul

We will add guest tweeters and moderators to the chat as they are available. :)

How do I participate in #ntchat?

  1. You need to create a Twitter account and begin to practice and participate on Twitter.
  2. Use TweetGrid (online), Tweetdeck (download & install), or Tweetie for Mac (download & install) to set up 2 or 3 columns" a search for #ntchat, a search for @yourname (for direct mentions to you) and a third to keep following your friends.
  3. Join us on Twitter at the specific time, and be sure to keep an eye on the #ntchat search column.
  4. Interact by including the hashtag #ntchat in your tweets.


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3rd year in a row that we didn't win, but many thanks to all who supported us. (#ntchat was nominated and short listed for the 2012 Edublog Awards!)

#ntchat was also nominated and short listed for the 2011 and 2010 Edublog Awards!

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We also have a page for new topics. Add a chat topic to that page which is a linoit board!

This chat was created to provide weekly mentoring and focus on the needs of new, new to the profession and pre-service teachers.
The chat is supportive and practitioner focused. It occurs on Twitter from 5pm-6pm PST/8pm-9pm ET on Wednesdays. 
Use the #ntchat hashtag to join the conversation and post your thoughts throughout the week on Twitter.

New Teacher Chat #ntchat was inspired by the enormous worldwide success, powerful learning and collaboration opportunity that occurs weekly on #edchat
which was founded by @ShellTerrell @tomwhitby and @web20classroom

We are excited and hopeful that many new teachers will choose to collaborate during this chat by sharing ideas and resources as well
as concerns they may have as they prepare to enter the profession or are in their first years.

Experienced, tenured teachers are encouraged to participate to support and mentor this eager and excited group.