Elementary 2.0

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Link Classroom Use
Easelly Web tool that helps create Infographics
ChaCha The place to get quick answers - for bigger answers see Wolfram below.
e-Pals Global Community ePals is enabling students and teachers to safely connect and collaborate with classrooms in more than 200 countries.
DoInk place to enjoy art and animation, and make your own flash.
WolframAlpha computational knowledge engine: Answer questions, do math, instantly get facts
Digital Vaults National Archives search engine of all of their materials and links.
Bubbl.us Webing on-line program for brainstorming that resembles Inspiration
Paper Rater Website that gives students a chance to have their paper rated
Edmodo Social networking site at education, it includes parents in the plan.
Tagxedo Wordle with the words put in shapes
Webspiration Inspiration and/or Kidspiration on-line
GoAnimate (Teacher Only)
Animate your own story in the same manner as making a movie
Google Squared Google Search Tool where results are put in a grid
Scratch MIT Let Kids Program Their Own Games and Animations
Writing, Creative Thinking, Reflection
Storybird create your own story using pre-exisiting pictures Preview
Diigo Bookmark, Annotate, Highlight, Sticky note, &Share web info
Wikispaces On-line Collaboration Tool  Video Tutorials
Wallwisher Interactive sticky notes wall, that are replaceable Springbreak
Blabberize Make any picture talk by using microphone and a Picture
Museum Box Creator Create an online box of information on a topic ( presentation-evaluation)
Shidonni Creative Thinking, Writing
OurStory Online Timeline
Wordle Creative use of words to produce a piece of art
Glogster Create interactive scrapebook pages that can be shared
Brain Pop Interactive activities in a variety of subjects
Watch to Know (Teacher Only)
Library of hundreds of thousands of great short videos for Students.
Big Huge Labs Convert photographs to other things, puzzles, Magazine covers, etc.
Google Books Digitized Books and Magazine - Try Fantasy and Fairy Tales
Terry's Amazing Podcast Tutorial Podcasting Page of video tutorials and Links