Welcome to the New Taoist Community - an experimental site for philosophical Taoists, Pantheists, Zen Buddhists and others with an interest in the fundamentals underlying Taoism to explore the subject and find ways to develop a meaningful communal approach to expressing their beliefs in the 21st century.

At the heart of this online community is our forum. To take part  follow this link. If you decide to join the group, we would be happy if you introduced yourself briefly, using the "Introduce Yourself" thread.

Why New Taoist?
Well, we had to call ourselves something!
The ideas of Taoism are ancient, so we're not new in that context, but we're hoping to spread and explore its message in a modern way. Taoism is not about telling people what to do, but rather about informing their choices and giving them the tools to make the best decision for themselves. We believe that philosophical Taoism offers answers to the new generations of spiritual seekers who feel that the old theistic religions have little or nothing to offer them, and we hope to be able to make Taoism more accessible for people living in the 21st century.

Two core features of our group 

(1) This group is organized democratically. All members have equal status. 

(2) Our primary aim is to enhance our sense of community, and bring people together. We do so by having open, trustful conversations on our forum, and by suggesting a number of common spiritual practices for our members to engage in.