Name: Conor Lunny, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Kevin O’Malley
School: St. Mary School
Teacher: Mary Howley

Inventions from New Jersey have helped the environment a lot. The Newark Sewer System in Essex County helps to keep garbage out of the streets and sidewalks. Electro gas dynamics helps disperse smoke and fog from buildings and airport runways. The light bulb helps people see in the dark without even harming the environment with the new eco-friendly light bulb.

In the 19th and 20th centuries the Newark Sewer System in Essex County was made of a 68 mile network of bricks. The 68 miles of brick sewers were found to be a historic resource and are now eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.

          The sewer system helps many people and their daily lives not just by getting rid of waste and garbage by also providing clean water, which is made away from the waste in different pipes to keep it healthy and clean. Before the sewer system was made there were dirty animals roaming the streets of Newark causing outbreaks of epidemics. Some of the diseases were cholera, typhoid, yellow fever, dysentery, and small pox which killed many people.

During the Civil War, The system dumped all of its 60 miles of raw waste material into the Passaic River. In water samples from the Passaic River the water was a bluish-red color that is disgusting to taste and smell. The water should be sweet-tasting and clear to see.

          Meredith Gourdine pioneered the research of Electro Gas Dynamics. Electro Gas Dynamics is the way to disperse fog and smoke. By applying strong electrical forces to either you can control those elements.  He was responsible for the engineering techniques termed incineraid for aiding in the removal of smoke from buildings. His work on gas dispersion developed techniques for dispersing on gas from airport runways. Meredith Gourdine also invented a generator that allowed for the cheaper transmission of electricity.

          Meredith Gourdine built a multi-million dollar corporation that is based on his ideas on Electro Gas Dynamics. (EGD) Using the Principles of EGD, he successfully converted natural gas to electricity for everyday use. Applications of EGD include refrigeration, desalination of sea water, and reducing the pollutants in smoke.

          The electric light bulb is one of the most important inventions ever. It was invented in Menlo Park, New Jersey. Before the light bulb, houses were lit by candles. This was a huge fire hazard. The electric light bulb made everything more convenient. The light bulb has since been improved many times. The light bulb is now more environmentally friendly. This invention is still being improved to last longer and more energy efficient.

          Another famous invention from New Jersey is the phonograph. The cylinder phonograph was a device that could record and then replay a sound from a cylinder. This invention has developed into a record and then later a CD.

          These four inventions have helped New Jersey and the world in various ways. They have improved everyday life, changed the world, and helped the environment. This is why we celebrate New Jersey.