Fort Monmouth

Cory O'Donnell
School: Howell Middle School
Teacher: Danielle Gianelos

Fort Monmouth has been home to many our country’s most inventive and creative scientific inventions and ideas. Ever since the United States Army Signal Corps established it in 1917, it has been used as an Army Fort where the training of soldiers takes place, and many important scientific discoveries have been made. One of the most impacting inventions that were founded at Fort Monmouth was the discovery of Radar. Radar, not only has impacted the lives of people in New Jersey, but across the globe. Radar has made the lives of all travelers safer by helping ships navigate and find their way, and helping airplanes avoid possible weather storms. Radar greatly helps scientists, and also helped the United States in World War II, which is roughly when it was founded. Although radar may have been the most significant discovery/invention made at Fort Monmouth, there have been many other groundbreaking inventions. One of these includes night-vision goggles, which helped the soldiers, and other arm workers become able to see through the dark night.

            As you can see, Fort Monmouth has been an extremely significant fort to our country, and has contributed many things that our country could not live without. But, it also directly has an impact on the people of New Jersey, even some families of students in my own classroom. During the Great Depression, many families struggled to find work and to even support themselves. Fort Monmouth was one of the only places in the state of New Jersey to continue to offer jobs and to aid families through such a difficult time period. They provided several different programs to feed and employ the people of New Jersey and try to help our defenseless and extremely vulnerable economy. At the beginning of World War II, they exceeded their usual job openings, and helped America to finally elude the Great Depression.

            In conclusion, Fort Monmouth has been an extremely significant army fort in all of the United States, but also has been important with their scientific and technological discoveries. Fort Monmouth workers made/designed infrared cameras, which helped save lives from under the debris on and after 9/11. Simple things that Americans use everyday like GPS navigation devices would not exist if it weren’t for the scientists and workers at Fort Monmouth. Things that we do everyday, like fly planes, and go on boats may be unsafe if it weren’t for Fort Monmouth. Also, Fort Monmouth has helped improve safety and weaponry in the United States’ war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan as soldiers try and defend their beloved country. Fort Monmouth also created the first ever weather satellite broadcast in 1960, and is helping keep hearts beating by their invention of the pacemaker defibrillator, which has saved the lives of thousands of people in our country. Sadly, Fort Monmouth will be closing, and many of their workers will be forced to relocate their families, but its significance to our society will never be forgotten, and will always be appreciated.