Name: Christian Palmer, Zachary Wagner, and Vincent Covelli
School: St.Mary School
Teacher: Mary Howley

If we, the students of seventh grade, were to help the environment of New Jersey, we would take as many people as possible to the ocean once a month and clean the shore. We would do this by picking up any piece of trash that we would find there. We would try to reduce all plastics and other litters that could hurt our marine life. To us, our beaches and oceans are a big part of our lives. We feel this would help our state, decrease the risk of disease or even deaths of our wildlife around the shore.

Too many people in New Jersey do not realize how much this action would help the environment. If everyone in New Jersey picked up just one piece of trash and never littered the beach, we would save thousands of fish each year. Our marine life is suffering because of our laziness to get up and throw our trash out. If the people of New Jersey would just realize how much each person could help, we feel we would have a much better state.

When you go to the beach you want to go and see the ocean and the sand. You don’t want to see all the plastics and litter that people throw on the beach. This is why we want to help clean the beach. There are many more ways to do this.

One other way is to put more trash bins and recycling bins on the beach. If you’ve noticed, there is maybe four of each type of bin on the beach. Thousands of people go to the beach every day. How can this hold all of our trash? And if we cannot support more garbage and recycling bins, how can we expect the beaches to be clean if the trash is barging out?

There are just too many problems to solve in one summer. But if we all work together, over some time, we feel that we can make a difference. We feel that if really put our time and effort into this project, our beaches will become, not completely clean, but cleaner. This is all we ask of our state. We also feel that if we propose it to our mayor that he would agree with us and help us make a difference.  These are some of the things that we feel could help make our state a better place.