Calling your Soul-mate

Soul Mates

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1. There are more soul mates to choose from now than ever before. One person may have dozens of soul mates, ranging in many different ages, shapes and sizes. An individual has more than one compatible soul mate.
2. The individual must love himself or herself before calling in a soul mate. Once you manifest for a soul mate, the level of evolvement you have as a person will dictate the soul mate that you draw from the Creative Force.
3. People are drawn to one another for the negative that they have in common; as well as the positive. You should remove as many negative beliefs and do Feeling Work on yourself to draw to yourself the best person you can.
4. A twin flame is someone exactly like you. They mirror you, and this may not be good.
5. When you draw your soul mate to you through the Orion Technique or other manifesting techniques, be aware that you will attract other people to you, since your sexual chakra will be open. In the command process, it is important to state, "I have my most compatible soul-mate,” not, "I need my most compatible soul-mate".
6. You should specify that you receive the opposite or same sex, depending upon preference.
7. Make a list ofthe criteria for the soul mate you wish to draw, and state the complete list in your command.
8. A compatible soul mate will flow with you. You will mesh with that individual with little or no friction. Usually you will have Belief Work to do together.
9. Life is about choices. If you wish to break up from your present relationship, this is between you and God. Ask God if your relationship could (or should) be saved and how; then decide to ask for a new soul mate.
10. Do not ask for a perfect soul mate, as this person may be too perfect for you. Rather, ask for your most compatible soul mate.
11. Soul families and soul mates are people whose spirits we recognize from other places and times. seem to “know” them and can read their minds easily. Soul families have a tendency to travel through time together.