Pineal Gland Activation

The Pineal Gland is the only part of the body that is luminescent! When one passes on or ascends the Pineal Gland's light goes out and your soul disconnects from the body.

The Pineal Gland is an endocrine gland located in the center of the brain behind the eyes. In the metaphysical realm it is a known link between physical and spiritual worlds. It’s the place where we gain access to our higher consciousness, creativity, and awareness.

Around the time a child goes through puberty the pineal gland begins to shrink and the connections between humans and spiritual dimensions shifts. We interact and rely more upon the physical world than the insight of our higher-self.

Manifesting what we desire is a co-creative process between the physical and spiritual worlds. Manifesting is impossible without God’s hand. Yet, many people continue to attempt to manifest without God. This is the ego, which stands for edging God out, acting like a child saying, “I’ll do this myself!”

When manifesting from ego we limit what we receive. Manifesting everything we desire, loving relationships, health, and wealth, requires a constant humble connection with our God-self.

Expanding our connection with our God-self is necessary at this time to accommodate the shifting cosmos and higher vibrations. This is done by activating the pineal gland. Tom Kenyon has provided a meditation gift called the Crystal Palace Within meditation to assist in this process. 

This powerful meditation is an instrumental way to access your higher-consciousness and achieve greater awareness.  For over 11 years I have been activating and expanding the Pineal Gland of my client’s. They have seen amazing shifts in their results through this activation process and fostering a constant connection with their Creator. We are in the “year of manifesting.” The time is NOW! Join us where ever you are by listening to Tom’s meditation this Sunday.

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Pineal Gland Activation
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The Pineal Gland is the antenna to The Source at the center of ALL eternity.
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