Healing a Dis-ease

Disease or Dis-ease means not ease with one-self.  When you are not at ease, you communicate to the body with signs of discomfort that something is not right.  The body then feels sick and and if not resolved or treated it eventually develops into a dis-ease. That's why you get butterflies in your stomach when you shouldn't be doing something that you know is not right. This un-easy feeling is your body telling you to stop, if ignored this un-eased feeling will developed into a dis-ease.

We understand how to identify the dis-eased feeling and once removed, the disease will clear up instantly. Let us help you find your un-ease that no longer serves you and restore your health back to normal. Remember: "The body does what the mind believes."

There are some hypnosis experiments to review. For instance, an old person who is quite feeble walks into the office and says, “Would you like me to sit here? Can I sit in this chair here?” And he sits down as though he barely has the strength and power to sit in the chair. Then he is put under hypnosis and told that he is thirty-five years old. Then amnesia is induced so he will not remember what the suggestion was. When awakened from the hypnotic state, he is asked, “Would you like a glass of water?” and he answers, “Yes, I would like a glass of water.” He then walks over to the fountain, takes a glass, fills it, sits down, and the feeble old man is gone.’Where are all the shaking and the trembling? Where are the weakness and decrepitude? What has happened to the feeble old man? He seems to have disappeared!
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