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12:12 is the number when the Higher Realms wants to download into your consciousness new ways of being a human being and experiencing life on Earth. It is like the switch, turned on for you to step into your Divine Path to be of service for humanity and every living thing on the planet. 

It may not surprise those of you who have put such loving commitment into Harmonic Convergence, or the 8:8 and 11:11 ceremonies to hear that 12:12 is the next step in spirit's divine plan. The Ascended Host call 12:12 the "Gateway to Freedom", and joyfully speak of it as Independence Day on this planet. As 12 is the number of completion, 12:12 is the gate of completion. We are, in essence, completing ourselves, and preparing the way for others. On this day, Earth graduates, and officially enters the Golden Age. In her heart, she knows there is no turning back. Her ascension is imminent. 12:12 brings us the gift of wholeness, and is our key to mastery. This moment is perhaps our greatest celebration, and our sweetest dream realized. On December 12th 1994, 144,000 dedicated souls will co-create the miracle of evolution.


Evolutionary leaps such as this one are orchestrated by beings called the Elohim. The Elohim are Upper Management for the Ascended Masters, who give us our directives on this level. When a quantum leap such as 12:12 is delivered, it comes by way of a sort of organic communications network known as the "Elohim computers". The "is time to evolve" message travels from the Throne of God, to our Central Sun, and eventually makes its way to Earth. A matrix of crystals held within the Earth's crust are the many chips that receive the program, and we as anchors for the new energies facilitate things. The very blueprint of our planet is held within these programs, and down loadings, or "firings" of the Elohim computers piece the evolutionary puzzle together. More simply, we down here receive the gifts of spirit, and begin to get an inkling of our brilliant potential.


As Earth moves through the 12:12 Gateway, her vibrations will be altered so much, that some of you who have been focused on mastery will instantly have it. After all, mastery and Godhood is our ultimate completion. A life force will be sent through the "Ascension Flame" in the Great Pyramid of Egypt, and for a while, the entire atmosphere of the planet will vibrate with its energy. During the ceremonies, the Ascension Flame will trigger entirely new amino acids (protein components) in our bodies, and will take each of us to our next levels. We will become greater vessels of spirit, and begin to understand what it means to truly be free. Suddenly the other 90% of our brain knows it has a purpose in life ... aging and death become optional ... and ascension seems only natural.

On 12:12 we can achieve in the twinkling of an eye, what it took initiates of the past hundreds of years to cultivate! This wedding of light will give us the biological keys to mastery and freedom. (For you science buffs, the 12:12 encodements have to do with new hydrogen matrixes with amazing bonding potential. They are the "X" factor that the scientific community has been looking for. See J.J. Hurtak's masterwork "The Keys of Enoch", keys 2-0-2, 2-0-3, 2-0-4 for details).


As always Dear Ones, you are chosen by choosing yourself. Upper Management is asking for a minimum of 144,000 to help anchor these energies. This figure represents the "hundredth monkey" effect, and will trigger the rest of humankind. In choosing yourself, you are saying to spirit "I know there is something better, I know what can be on this planet. I now place my limitations on the alter for transmutation. Let me be a receptacle for the Ascension Flame. Let me be one that completes now. With my completion, I will use that energy to help my brothers and sisters complete."


The Ascended Masters have expressed their wish that of the 144,000, as many as possible come forth and say,"I will be a guardian and a caretaker of this planet". You are the ones who are willing to step forward and claim your divine blueprint, those that will accept nothing less than Godhood. You've had enough of the third dimension and its limitations, and are now willing to be God's front line. You have made a commitment to getting yourselves free, and to helping the rest of the planet get there too.


Like the format for the 8:8 (August 8th, 1991) and 11:11 (January 11th, 1992) ceremonies, our primary focus will be the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Egypt signifies the "most high altar", and what the Ascended Host call the Temple of the World. Together we will re-dedicate Egypt, and anchor as the spiritual seat of the Golden Age. As Egypt is the home of the Flame of the Mother, our ceremonies are also intended to lift the feminine flame, and bring it back into balance with the masculine flame. Isis will be unveiled. You are warmly invited to join us in Egypt, or do ceremony at your favorite sacred site. Remember, where you stand is holy ground.


For many on the path, 12:12 will mean a spiritual quickening, and a stronger desire for freedom. What once seemed impossible, will seem quite possible after all. Those who are so called "asleep" now, will sense that something significant has happened. They will realize that they must begin to make choices and live with them. In essence, spirit is saying, choose love instead of hatred, choose understanding instead of judgement, choose peace instead of war. Beloved, you can no longer sit on the fence.


As is written in Revelation, on the day of 12:12, word has it we will see signs in the skies. Although Upper Management is unwilling to spoil the surprise, they did share that 12:12 marks Earth's return in status to the Confederation of Planets. This surely means our time of testing has passed. It may also mean that instead of watching Star Trek on television, some of you may be recruited for active fleet duty. If you're interested, choose yourself and "make it so".


As Earth moves through the 12:12 Gateway, its vibrations will be altered so significantly, that the masters will not have to change their vibration as much to appear to you. You may be dumbfounded, so try not to fall over yourself while getting the kettle on.


After 12:12, many of those that the planet has been waiting for will start coming forward. Messiahs of the many religions will reveal themselves with the intention of unifying the Godspark with all of humankind. The Golden Buddha (Buddhist), Shiva and Krishna (Hindu), The Inca (South America) and Maladi (Moslem), the Pharaoh (Egypt), the Maha Chohans and the Chohans (Lords of the Rays), and Melchizedek in all of its forms will emerge. In England, the "Island of the Lion", Maitreya will prepare to take his seat in the Office of the Christ, while Jesus/Sananda will be promoted to even higher expressions of world service. Each of the chosen ones will begin to gather their flocks. You, the 144,000 are the herders of their flocks, the loving administrators of God's empire.


We ask you Dear Ones to help spread the word about the 12:12 activation. Indeed, we have never witnessed such mass preparation on behalf of spirit, for any activation we have facilitated to date.

The energetic is that of a huge set of golden doors, that on this day will open to the many freedoms that humanity has yet to discover. There is an undeniable air of celebration with 12:12, feeling of a great landmark on the ascension journey. With a time of testing and limitation past, the fruits of the Kingdom are within our grasp. 12:12 signifies the gateway to the Golden Age, a point of no turning back and true freedom now.


As one of the 144,000, you are in essence anchoring an evolutionary leap in the name of the order of Melchizedek. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, here is a brief description.

Melchizedek is the name of the cosmic priesthood that exists through every dimension on every sacred planet. In ancient days, Melchizedek temples were set up for the purpose of teaching dedicated initiates how to unfold their spiritual gifts so that they in turn could help their brothers and sisters to freedom.

The Melchizedek priesthood comes in many forms. No matter what their ideology, every saint, sage, guru and master must go through Melchizedek initiations, whether in a temple or on the inner planes. As the bible states, Jesus was "a priest in the Order of Melchizedek forever". So too are each of you priests and priestesses in the Order of Melchizedek.

Even today, many secret priesthoods continue, upholding the cosmic laws, and guiding initiates on their journeys of mastery and ascension. The power of the Melchizedek has remained in the etheric retreats and subterranean cities, nurtured and guarded until the time when the outer temples can again be re-established. The time for the Melchizedek to reawaken is NOW! As each of us recognizes our mission and reclaims our personal power, this will become a reality. Touching every corner of the globe and reaching every aspect of planetary society, those who serve the Melchizedek will be a healing balm to the ills of humanity. By consciously choosing to be initiated into the various levels of the Melchizedek, we humbly take the first step to return to that state of being.


With all aspects, the Order of Melchizedek follows the guidelines of sacred geometries. The number 12 is a pivotal number within sacred geometries. So in keeping with this format there are 12 echelons of initiation or mastery in the Melchizedek, and within these echelons, 12 levels, or 144 levels in total. Each level carries with it certain tests and initiations for personal growth. To pass through and complete even one echelon can take an initiate years of study and overcoming on their path of mastery. When you have completed all 12 echelons with their perspective 12 levels, you will be a master!


At this time of re-emergence for the Melchizedek on the planet, only specific levels are available to be officially initiated into. Take heart dear soul, this is due to the timetable of initiation that the Earth herself is passing through.

The first echelon is called the "Clarion Call" the call to the heart. Levels 1 through 6 are for those who "get" that there is something to this spiritual awakening process within them. These individuals have committed to looking further within themselves for more. Levels 6 through 9 recognize the power of the clarion call and what it really means. These neophytes commit themselves entirely in service to the clarion call for humanity. Levels 9 through 12 know there is no turning back. These initiates completely dedicate their lives to fulfilling their potential of becoming "Godman" or an Ascended Master.

Echelon 2 is as they say "another ball of wax entirely". The first three levels that are presently available to be initiated into are guaranteed to bring up your survival issues. Level 1 is called "The Gate." This initiation will show you all of the demons (limitations) that your thoughts and emotions subconsciously create. Level 2 is called the "Red Feather of Courage." To be initiated into this level, you must have courage and be willing to stand firm in service for God. Expect to be ignored for your good deeds! This is the essence of the initiation. Level 3 is the "Floor of Malkuth". Here you must symbolically be able to overcome duality, to stand equally on the black tiles as the white on this checkered temple floor. The initiate must profoundly master their thoughts and emotions, all levels of good bad or "evil" become equalized and divine. In this initiation, you can expect all illusions of what you believe to be bad will manifest in your life to be requalified. To pass this level, you will need to see only good at all times !


The Hierarchy has asked us to express that within a year or so, level 4 of the second echelon will be open. This level will require mastery of developed psychic skills, and proof of telepathic attunement with the elemental kingdom. If we are in complete attunement with the elements, we will create Heaven on Earth.


Dear Ones, please understand that without humility and the proper focus to overcome your thoughts and emotions that are not of God, your initiations may be painful and difficult. Spirit may ceaselessly test the initiate until they make good their commitment. Even Jesus, when told by the priests of Egypt to go to the 12 echelon, for they knew that he was the Christ, expressed humility and chose the first level with the neophytes. He passed that test!

The timing for God's divine plan to unfold is upon us. Know that you are needed in your fully mastered state, in service to the greater plan of peace and harmony. In preparation for 12:12, remember yourself as a priest or priestess in the Order of Melchizedek!



The Ascended Masters have made it clear to us that 12:12 will serve to lift humanity's belief's about death and aging. After all, the freedom from death and aging is one of the greatest gifts that humanity can be given. The time to grow, the time to heal and the time to master and ascend without the biological clock ticking! We now understand that the spiritual Hierarchy is asking our Melchizedek team to break their own death codes on the deepest subconscious level. Then, if possible, to be physical anchors, preferably in Egypt, the master vortex, where the planetary grid is most effected. The land of Egypt is the "most high altar" and the "temple of the world". We are in essence re-rededicating her as the spiritual seat of the Golden Age.


Sow the seeds of the 12:12 144,000 activation in as many directions as you can in an effort to rally anchor teams internationally! Each of these self chosen ones are the keys to the success of this quantum leap. We are regarding 12:12 in much the same way as Jose Arguelles did the Harmonic Convergence, to be the messengers of this information with the understanding that spirit will take it in the appropriate directions. As ambassadors of this information, we would ask that you not only share the Egypt information, but that you also encourage those in your circle to host a 12:12 anchoring ceremony in their hometown. The proceeds of the Egypt tour go in part to the education and publication of 12:12 materials in 5 languages.