About Michael

Michael was born a Starseed Indigo child and at only 5 years old, friends and family knew that he was gifted in many ways.  Michael has had several death experiences since the age of 4 years old.  Growing up with his single mother of three in Germany, he visited many castles and cathedrals over many years before coming to America. With his humble up bringing, he continued to become more and more intuitive all throughout High School and College.

Today, Michael is a remarkable gifted and intuitive being, continue to help many people along their road to destiny. Curing many illnesses and diseases while building self esteem for many people along the way, Michael continues his journey in helping people from the darkness into the light (the Golden Light). An icon amongst his friends and peers, Michael is one of the most recognized name in the metaphysical, theta brainwave and source healing in the world today.

After Manifesting for a SOUL MATE, Michael connected with his soul mate, Tamara, while traveling over seas.  It was LOVE at First Sight.  Happy and delighted they enjoy traveling together and outdoor activities.

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