The Universal Laws

The 12 Universal Laws

Abraham Hicks The Universal Laws

The 7 Laws of the Universe

These are Laws of the Universe as I see them. There are many other names.
01. The Law of Creation aka. (Nurture/Abundance/Needs)
02. The Law of ONE aka. (Connectivity/Connective Self/Higher-Self/Soul) 
03. The Law of Free Will aka. (Free Agency)
04. The Law of Cause and Effect aka. (Action/Change/Karma/Motion)
05. The Law of Magnetism aka. (Attraction/Polarity)
06. The Law of Space and Time
07. The Law of Tones and Vibration aka. (Sound and Rhythm)
08. The Law of Knowledge aka.(Akachic Records/Collective Consciousness/Truth/Knowing)
09. The Law of Duality aka. (Yin/Yang/Male/Female/Expand/Contract/Positive/Negative)
10. The Law of Structure aka. (Geometry/Math/Science/Physics,Relativity, etc)
11. The Law of Balance aka. (Peace/Harmony/Support/Spirituality)
12. The Law of Essence aka. (Reality/Illusion/The Matrix/Being/Emotions/Feelings/Universe)
LOVE and LIGHT are NOT a Laws They just are.